10 Ways To Spend Your e-cig Savings

So you have dropped cigarettes and now are saving money on e-cigs. THe problem is that, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly the amount you save by choosing to drop cigarettes for e-cigs. Well, give yourself a rest from the mental calculations and discover some motivating ways to spend your money.

The average 20 cigarettes pack costs about 7.50 pounds. Let’s say you smoke 20 per day, here’s the amount you’ll spare – and what you could spend your extra cash on.

disneylandparisA Weekend getaway…

After switching for a year, you will have spared up to £1,891. That amount is enough for either:

  • 15 city breaks for two up Europe
  • Family trip for four to Disneyland, Paris

In need for some advice for a place to visit? Look into CloudCig’s Alternative Travel Guide.

End month treats

It’s not the big stuff that you are only supposed to expect. You can also make expect some difference each month. Switch and you are going to enjoy save £159 monthly. That amount you can use to:

  • Raybans
  • Designer Handbag
  • A tablet by Samsung Galaxy

Weekly Treats

It can be too long for you to wait for the end month, so why not give yourself aplayingcomputergames treat weekly? You are going to save up to £41 weekly by switching. That amount is enough for:

  • Computer game for your xbox/ps4
  • To see a musical
  • Go out for a 3 course meal

Seize the Day

Want to enjoy your saving EVERY DAY? We get you. Switch and you’ll spare £6 a day. That’s enough for you to:

  • Get a Caramel Frappuccino straight from Starbucks
  • A move night! You can hire from Amazon or Xbox live, or even a monthly subscription to netflix!

If you did not use to smoke 20 cigarettes per day, you still precisely figure out how much you saved by switching to e-cigs by checking out our Savings Calculator on the right of our website.