4 Reasons Why You Should Go Smoke-Free


When switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigs, you’re going to be tobacco-smoke free. What does that mean exactly, and which benefits should you expect?


No Smell


E-cigarettes don’t burn anything – they simply heat a liquid into a vapour. This means you won’t get tobacco smoke, or its terrible smell. All smokers know how cigarette smoke tends to cling to hair, furniture, and clothes – pretty much anything that the smoke touches. It causes halitosis (bad breath) as well.


E-cigarette vapour doesn’t carry the offensive odour associated with cigarettes. The vapour disappears quickly, before it has an opportunity to cling to your clothes, or cause breath problems. Vapour from blu e-cigarettes has an aroma, but it’s all flavourings, such as spearmint or fruit.


No Stains, No Tar


Since they don’t burn tobacco, e-cigarettes contain no tar – the toxic chemical residue that cigarettes leave behind. For this reason, they don’t need filters either, since there’s no tar for them to catch.


Tar is the brown substance that gets left behind at the end of the cigarette filter. It’s what stains smokers’ fingers and teeth brown, and coats anything that it touches in a brownish-yellow hue.


It’s not only tar that stains, either. The nicotine in cigarette smoke stains teeth and nails as well. Blu e-liquids, on the other hand, contain propylene glycol and natural extracts besides nicotine, so it does not discolor.


No Ash Or Heat


Another positive aspect of e-cigarettes is the fact they do not produce ash, so it won’t mark your furniture and clothes or clog up ashtrays.


Smokers often squint due to the cigarettes’ heat, as they try to keep smoke out of their eyes. This causes wrinkling on their face around them, the so called ‘crow’s feet’. Smokers are three times as likely as non-smokers to get these lines earlier than usual. Tobacco smoke also tends to dry out skin, and to give it a grey tinge*


The Best Choice


While they don’t produce smoke, E-cigarettes recreate many things smokers enjoy – the nicotine rush, the throat hit, and simply having an object to hold between your fingers and lips.


Not only you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of smoking, you’ll also have a lot more option of flavours – if you like the taste of tobacco, we make it too.


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