Adjusting To A Smoke Free Life

5 Do’s and Don’ts For Adjusting To A Smoke Free Life

If you’re going to give up smoking, then it stands to reason you want to do it properly – after all, it’s not a easy feat to achieve. We’ve put together a fun, light hearted look at helping you become smoke free  – good luck!


Do – Look at the money you have saved on the cigarettes you haven’t bought. Put the money to one side, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save and how quickly you’ll be able to buy something quite big with the money you have saved.

Don’t – Waste the money you have saved on silly things like bets with friends. The chances are that you can’t beat them at the ‘cinnamon challenge’ so even if it would make an amusing YouTube video, stay away from this!


Do – Use the lighters you have lying around for lighting candles or even donating to people who have carried on the nasty habit of smoking

Don’ – Leave the lighters around so that they get into the wrong hands, creating a homemade bonfire or using them to light fireworks should only be done by experienced professionals.


Do – Take advantage of your new sense of smell and take in new smells.

Don’t – Start sniffing strangers, they will not appreciate this at all!


Do – Go out and try new foods, your taste buds will be much more sensitive and you’ll taste food differently. Get a brand new kitchen pinny and take up cooking as a hobby.

Don’t – Go on a massive binge and eat a tasty take away every night – this will ruin your brand new healthy lifestyle completely.


Do – Use your old ashtrays around the home as ornaments – new candle holder anyone?

Don’t – Use old ashtrays as frisbees and start throwing them around, this can only ever end badly.

So there you have it – fun ways to ensure that your journey to being smoke free is as easy as possible.


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