6 Things You Need To Know about E-Cigarettes

If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes then this article is going to introduce you to everything you have to know about this popular habit!

1. Nothing Burns

With electronic cigarettes you don’t have to set anything alight and you don’t have to worry about anything burning. Instead a battery runs the cigarette, which then can heat the liquid and you then inhale the vapour.

2. There’s No Tobacco Smoke

When you smoke a traditional cigarette you burn dried tobacco and so this gives off a certain amount of tobacco smoke. With an e-cig you only have nicotine and a few other additives (including flavouring) and no tobacco. So even if there is a little ‘smoke’ when you exhale, it contains no tobacco or harmful chemicals.

3. You Can Reuse Them

Cigarettes are an expensive habit, purely because once you have smoked one it is gone & you have to spend out to replace it. If you get a proper e cig (not a disposable one) then you can use this more than once! These are designed to be used long term so you can re-fill them, recharge batteries and generally get a good life out of them as long as they’re looked after.

4. They Contain Liquid Nicotine

These work well for people who want to give up smoking, because they contain nicotine so they can help with cravings.

5. You Can Vape In Public

It is worth checking the rules of the place you are, but there is no law to ban vaping – instead it is down to the rules of the establishment you are in. You will find that in many places where smoking is banned, you’ll still be able to use your electronic cigarette.

6. They Have Been Around For Years

People assume that electronic cigarettes are something new but actually the original design for one of these was patented by Herbert A Gilbert as far back as 1963.