A Guide To Getting The Most Out of E-Cigarettes

If you are an e cigarette users then the chances are you want to make sure that you always get the most out of them. One of the biggest bug-bares for e cig users is running out of an e cig just as you need it – which if you are not careful can happen more often than you would like.

Thankfully, as long as you take a few simple steps to be organised then making sure that you can always get your e cig fix should not be too much of a struggle.

Keep an Eye on Your Packet

Before you leave the house always make sure that your packet is filled with full cartridges. Having this many e cigarettes on you might seem extreme but it helps to make sure that whatever you do, you do not run out – even if you end up staying out of the house for longer than you expected.

Around The House

If you are going to make sure that your packet is full before you leave the house, you’ll need something to fill it with. Make sure you keep an eye on the stash you have in your home and refill it when stocks are running low. If you get to your last sleeve of cartridges then you should think about reordering. This gives your new e cigarettes plenty of time to arrive and allows for delays in the postal system etc.

In Your Car

Why not look at putting a cartridge or two in your car? Think of these as your emergency stash so you know you always have some on hand to grab as and when you need them.

At Work

The chances are that you’ll spend just as much time at work as anywhere else, so it make sense that you have a supply of e cigarettes there too! Just pop a cartridge in your desk drawer and you know that it is there should you ever need it – better to be safe than sorry.

Where Else Do You Go?

Think about where you spend a lot of your time. Try and put at least one e cigarette in these places. Of course you won’t be able to put them everywhere but even just one at a friend’s house or in your locker at the gym can help to make sure you never run out.


It is all well and good having all of these everywhere, but they’re no good if you don’t replace them. If you use any of the cartridges you have placed anywhere make sure you are quite strict with yourself when it comes to replacing them. It is easy to think that you’ll just do it another time or never quite get around to it, but you can be certain that this is something you’ll regret.

Charging is So Important

Of course another thing to do is make sure that your battery is always charged. If you have a cartridge in your car but the battery is flat then this is no good. Just make sure you get into the habit of charging your battery as soon as it needs it. In fact if you vape quite often then you might want to charge your battery every night. It can even be worth having a spare battery and charging that too, just in case you need it.

Think Ahead

Try and think about what you are going to be doing while you are out and about and that way you can plan your e cigarettes accordingly. Of course the chances are that you won’t be able to plan for every eventuality but by knowing what you are doing you really are in the best position to make sure that you don’t run out.

Where Do You Buy From?

Make sure you know where you can buy from and what their lead times usually are. If you are buying online then this helps to make sure you can order in plenty of time for it to arrive. Knowing what local stockist options you have can help too, in case you do ever run out and need to get hold of one in an emergency.