A Look At Recycling Electronic Cigarettes

When it comes to getting rid of your old/empty/unwanted electronic cigarettes you might think that you only need to throw them in your normal bin – but that is not the case at all. Instead what you should do is look at ways that  you can recycle these. The good news is that there are different (and easy) ways you can recycle these.

One option is to go back to the local shop or supermarket that you bought it from and see if they provide collection bins for used batteries/electronic cigarette cartridges. If you bought them online then you might find that you can still return them locally, or that your online retailer offers you the chance to send them back to them for recycling – although you might want to bear in mind the cost of doing this.

Recycling Electronic Cigarettes

If you have a local waste centre then this is a good place to take your electronic cigarettes to be thrown away for recycling. Your local ‘tip’ usually has an area dedicated to items like this, although if that isn’t clear when you arrive then you can always ask one of their staff for their help and advice.

As your local library often has lots of literature about stopping smoking and might even be home to different smoking support groups you might find that they have a recycling point their too. Rather than waste a journey going there for no reason just give them a call and see if this is something that they offer – if they don’t, they might be able to give you advice on who can help

If you can’t find anywhere to recycle the whole electronic cigarette then try to find somewhere that you can at least recycle the battery. This should be a much easier feat as lots of local councils will have a number of battery recycling choices set up in your local area.

At the moment only around 5 percent of household batteries are recycled in the UK. This means that a vast majority of batteries actually end up on landfill which costs money and harms the environment! When batteries are so easy to recycle, it is definitely something that you should think about doing,

Another positive is that the amount of components inside an electronic cigarette that can be recycled compared to traditional cigarettes make them much more eco-friendly. Most cigarette materials can’t be recycled and actually it will take around 12 years for a cigarette butt to break down fully when it is in the rubbish. This is causing damage to our wildlife, our environment and even our seas!