Advice For Non-Vapers!

There are two types of individuals you will meet in the world of vaping: “chargers” and ‘drainers’. Chargers are going to inspire you, energize you, give you some assistance. Drainers will do the complete inverse; they are going to frustrate the effort you are putting to progress.

When you roll out a positive improvement — for example switching from smoking to vaping — and you get stick for it, simply recall the distinction between chargers and drainers and be easy about it. Arm yourself with some key truths and whenever somebody disapproves your choice to vape, considerately give them the lowdown. The article below has pieced six common vaping misconceptions and a bunch of iron-clad replies to give.

Instructions to defuse e-cig myths

Vaping is extremely complicated!

Welcome to the easy universe of vaping. Just as you would do with your phone, charge up your device, fill it with your desired flavor of e-liquid then enjoy some puffs. You’ll feel a wonderful throat hit before breathing out a scrumptious water-based vapor that vanishes very quickly. Numerous individuals use disposable e-cigs that are even easier to work with — simply open the packet and you’re ready.

The thought that vaping is excessively complex is a terrible indication of extreme reliance on tobacco. The tobacco devil inside the non-vaper claims that smoking is easy while vaping is too complex. Try not to listen to the devil!

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Vapers will miss the aroma of tobacco!

You’ll realize that plenty of smokers can hardly wait to see the back of tobacco’s flavor. For others, however, the accustomed taste of tobacco will maintain a great attraction. No problem: CloudCig offers a scope of fantastic e-liquids with tobacco flavor to reproduce the feeling of smoking. Try it before you knock it!

Vaping isn’t any less expensive!

It costs you an average of 7.50 pounds to purchase a pack of 20 cigarettes. The average 10 ml bottle of premium e-liquid, on the other hand, will cost you an average of 5 pounds, and lasts for three to seven days. If you are the person who smokes 20 cigarettes in a day, then switching is going to help you save even up to 1000 pounds in a year. Check out our savings calculator to get a tip of how much you can save.
Money saving vapers

E-cigs don’t look nice!

There are many e-cig styles you can find — some look like conventional cigarettes, some don’t. The good thing about switching to vaping is that you can customize your look to suit you. The query then remains, if every conventional cigarette have a striking resemblance, is each of them a classy accessory or just a hopeless cliché?

CloudCig design products with a sleek and classy design. While designing our kits, we have you guys in mind. Want to have that cigarette-like experience, just check out our starter and premium kits. They will work best for you. Feel like escalating your vaping experience to the next level? We have the Pro Kit and the E-liquid range ready for you.

It is not any beneficial over smoking!

Vaping is free from any tobacco smoke. That is a reality. Switch to vaping, and be sure that you, your house, and all your belongings will not constantly have that tobacco smoke smell. There are many places that permit the use of vapers as well. And again, remember, you are saving some cash! Pah, free money? Who wouldn’t need that?

You can’t devise the same relationship with your brand or flavor

With the increase in plain packaging and health notices, cigarette brands appear as though they’re turning into a relic of past times. The vaping scene then again is turning into a self-motivated group of vibrant competing brands, flavors and personalities.

Killer responses to non-vapers

Create a relationship with the flavor you love most. Are you a bold, and fruity type of individual, or more of a sweet pudding flavored creature? It’s dependent upon you.

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