Advice For Travelling With E-cigarettes

Smoking in enclosed public spaces was banned back in 2007, but now that e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular there has been some confusion about where you are allowed to use them. When travelling, vapers have often come across difficulties with security not knowing about the equipment or what rules apply at each airport, and so the team at Gatwick Airport Guide have put together some advice with everything you need to know about travelling with your e-cigarettes through UK airports.

In terms of using e-cigarettes within the airport, the important thing to remember is that it is banned in all UK airports, apart from in dedicated smoking areas, except Heathrow. Heathrow states that you can smoke them on the premises, but you must not continue using them beyond the gate area.

Another problem people have encountered is taking their e-cigarettes through security. As they gain popularity more and more people will want to use them on holiday, and this means packing them properly to avoid any issues at security. There is no problem at all about placing them in your hand luggage, and most security officers will now be very familiar with what they look like. You may want to take a look at your destination country however, if it is somewhere that does not see e-cigarettes very often, you may anticipate some questions at the other end! When packing, however, you must remember the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage – this extends to your e-cigarette liquid, and so it must be under this allowance and placed in your see-through bag along with all other liquids.

Airlines can be confusing too, but in general you are not allowed to use them onboard. However, RyanAir sell smokeless cigarettes that you can use.

Remember, it is best to do some research about where you are headed, especially in countries where the use of e cigarette is not very common. In some countries they are banned entirely, and in others you cannot import them, so it is wise to find out before you go to save the hassle of packing them or risk having them confiscated!