An Ideal Future For Electronic Cigarettes

For a bit of fun, we thought we would look at ideal future of e cigs – what would your e cigarette using world look like, if you could design the perfect set up!

We’re going to imagine we have gone forward 20 years and have the tools to design the perfect e cigarette world. We’ve taken a look at the niggles we face now and what we would like to be seen gone in the future. A sort of blue sky thinking, an ideal – will it ever happen? Who knows! We can but hope!


The biggest one for us is the freedom to vape wherever we want. There is no reason why we can’t use an e cigarette instead as they pose no danger but still many public buildings deny people the right to use these. The first change we would like to see would be to allow people to use these outside in public areas – local parks, train platforms etc where you can’t always use these. There is no chances of vapour causing harm in an outdoor area like this so that would be a great, positive step forward.

After this we would hope that it would open up the possibility of being able to vape anywhere – offices, plans, bars etc. This would allow the social side of ‘smoking’ to be opened up again, because smokers no longer need to go outside and break up a group in order to get their nicotine hit. We might be asking too much from this, but it is something that we would definitely hope for in the future especially when it comes to creating a vaping paradise.

Easy Charging

There hasn’t really been any type of breakthrough in chargers for electronic cigarettes but this is something that we would like to see – for example being able to charge your e cigarette with kinetic energy as you cycle or a battery that you can keep your bag that can charge your cigarette while you are out and about. At the moment you have to think about charging your kit while you’re at home and consider whether the charge is going to be long enough for the time you are going to be away from home. we’d love to see this eradicated with new types of e cigarette charges being thrown into the mix.

In fact one really fun and interesting idea would be to have placed that you can charge your device while you are out and about. We’re getting more and more used to seeing plug sockets in public areas so that we can charge our phones, so what about if there was something next to this to allow us to charge our electronic cigarettes. At the moment there is probably not enough users to warrant something like this, but if electronic cigarette usage was more out in the open and easy to do in public, the take up off this device would probably increase – which can only be a good thing for people’s health!

The Future

What we’ll see in the future remains to be seen, however if this is the future then what a good way to have it! If we can have a world where vaping can be done wherever we want and charging is made easy then when a great world to live in! Fingers crossed we’ll soon all be living in a vape haven, where vaping is encouraged and made easy – what a great way for non smokers to live!