Are E-Cigarettes The Answer To Quitting Smoking?


After a new report was recently release in the U.K., revealing to the public masses that the new trend of e-cigarette smoking—is here to stay.

Public Health England (PHE) conducted a thorough study of research on this controversial topic, and have come to the conclusion that e-cigarettes are “about 95% less harmful” than regular smoking tobacco. This inspired them so heavily that they are now suggesting to the National Health Service that they should think about integrating e-cigarettes into programs that help the public quit smoking regular tobacco.

With an estimated 2.6 million adults now using e-cigarettes in the U.K. the falling smoking rate can be contributed to this new trend of nicotine intake. Life long smokers are a high percentage of these now electronic cigarette vapors—telling you again that these are not just getting picked up from people who have never smoked but for people who are trying to quit their nasty and deadly habit once and for all.

But the battle continues even after the facts.

There is still an increasingly high number of opposing citizens who believe that electronic cigarettes are just as harmful as regular tobacco. Rising from 8.1% in 2013 all the way up to 22.1% in 2015 peoples caution to vaping is perplexing to say the least. I mean we understand that big tobacco is doing anything and everything they can to put a stop to this growing trend before it completely takes over their entire market.

But this group of oppose are dead set on the notion that these are opening up the floodgates for young and new smokers to jump on board. With easy access, attractable attributes, and the fact that it is “trendy”. But actions have been taken to battle against this specifically, such as a reason law by the Welsh government that has now banned e-cigarettes from places that also do not allow regular tobacco. In fact that law is growing globally, with the US slowly decreasing its public acceptance of vaporizing tobacco liquid.

A stat that may be the most overwhelming of all for e-cigarette use is that as of right now about 80,000 people in England die each year as a result of smoking. If those smokers were to make the transition to the new electronic cigarettes it is predicted that this number were drastically drop down to about 4,000. Which in the imperfect world we live in, where the goal would be for nobody to die, is still a beam of rising hope.

Smoking regular tobacco has been a war that has waged on for years, with the market spike throughout the 50s and 60s to the 90s mascot gimmick mania and then to the 2000s downfall of basically all advertising for cigarettes. Even with these measures being taken, the fight never quite slowed down as people continued to smoke regardless of the medical evidence that was mounting over top of them.

We see this now in a different form with e-cigarettes as we seem to continue to dismiss them—despite the scientifically evident information. The choice is clear and the savior that we all have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Electronic Cigarettes are changing the world.

For the better.