Are You Allowed To Vape At A Bar?

Vaping at bars is a little bit of a gray area at this point, and the information in this article will certainly change as states change their rules. That being said, at this point vaping is not considered the same as smoking at that means as long as legislation has not been passed prohibiting vaping indoors, it is still allowed. That means vaping indoors is not disallowed by federal or state laws, however there are some places starting to move towards including vaping with cigarettes and forcing vapers to stand outside, as well.

Businesses Have The Right To Ban Vaping

That being said, there are many bars, restaurants, and even famous chains of pubs or restaurants that do prohibit vaping, and they are fully in their rights as a business to do so. Mitchells & Butlers and Wetherspoons are two examples of franchise pubs that ban vaping indoors. Since they are a business they are absolutely in their rights to make those rules.

Most of the time these businesses will have broad rules not allowing vaping indoors anywhere on the premises, while others might allow vaping in a private club room or guest room while not allowing it in ta bar or restaurant area.

Depending on the location, vaping may fall under local ordinances where it’s allowed in the same places as smoking, and not allowed in locations where smoking is banned. While this might not be fair to vapers, it creates a consistent policy that makes enforcement easier for bartenders, hostesses, and wait staff.


Ask Local Staff

The best step in any situation is to ask one of the staff if vaping is allowed in the establishment. In some places it is and others it won’t be, but by asking up front you won’t have to guess. You will know that you are on the right side of the rules.