Are Your Going To Stoptober?

Remember guys and gals soon it will be stoptober, so will you stop smoking for then? If you are remember that we will be stocking you with the very best quality cloud cigs.

During October 2013, many people across the UK will be part of Stoptober – a awesome new way to stop smoking for over 28 days, and some will hopefully stop for good, especially if you switch to electronic cigarettes.

There is a lot of support from stoptober and the most interesting news is that if you quit for 28 days you are 68% likely to stop for good! That is an amazing stat, and even if you struggle with stopping after that you could try e cigarettes.

There is lots of support for people online or through the smartphone app, and stoptober will also provide you with a pack, and there will also be support from there facebook page.

The pack will provide you with tip, tools and facts to get you through 28 days of stoptober, and they will provide you with help day to day to get you through those 28 days. If you want a pack simple click on the below.