Can You Vape If You Have Asthma?

Electronic Cigarettes can be a viable alternative for combustible tobacco smokers to deal with their asthma. Latest studies indicate that switching on to vaping from tobacco smoking can also be a great way to recover from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) symptoms too. Researchers suggest that electronic cigarette usage is not only safe as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes but it also helps recover the damages caused by smoking as well.


Does Vaping Help Minimize Asthma Symptoms in Smokers?

A group of researchers, under the supervision of Prof. Riccardo Polosa, studied 18 asthma patients who had a history of both tobacco and electronic cigarette usage. The purpose of the research was to learn the connection between asthma and the usage of these two different products. All of the participants were smoking one pack of cigarettes each day before the research was conducted. Out of the 18, ten switched to vaping and the other eight also showed less interest in smoking combustible tobacco and preferred switching between vaping and smoking. All of the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire to describe their asthma symptoms as well as the functionality of their lungs was also studied before and after 6 months with 12 and 24-months interval follow-ups. The participants who didn’t completely switch to vaping claimed that they felt better when they would vape instead of smoking tobacco and their claim was very surprising for the researchers. The use of electronic cigarettes kept them from smoking tobacco that helped the participants with their struggle with asthma.

Effect of Vaping on the Lung Damage Caused by Smoking

The research discussed above also indicated that COPD patients who smoke can also switch to vaping for the sake of improving their COPD symptoms. While no formal research has ever been carried out to study the effects of vaping on people suffering from COPD although, data obtained from a case series revolving 3 smokers indicates reduced COPD exacerbations and an improve in the overall health of the patients. An internet survey, taken by 19,000 plus people, who switched from smoking to vaping, indicated that 76 % of ex-smokers suffering from COPD stated that their switch to electronic cigarettes resulted in a positive effect on their health. These patients reported ease in breathing, better health, increased tolerance, improved sense of smell and olfactory improvement. More than 30% of the patients who participated in the survey claimed a reduction and even termination of the prescribed medicine while only 0.8% patients reported a negative effect on their health.

Effects of Vaping on the Lung Health

A lot of latest research suggests that switching to vaping for the sake of quitting combustible tobacco cigarettes result in an overall recovery of the lung damage caused by smoking. Still, a lot you might be thinking what if we don’t compare vaping with smoking, does vaping cause any sort of damage to the lungs? If you would type a question of this sort in your search engine and hit enter, you will find a lot of results claiming that the use of e-cigs or vaping is harmful to the lungs. You might be thinking, why is there a lot of negative stuff on the internet regarding the use of e-cigs when these studies claim the otherwise. Sadly, medical experts who back up such claims do not believe in tobacco harm reduction therapy. Fortunately, a lot of medical professionals and researchers do endorse vaping because of the fact-based information that is coming to light regarding the use of e-cigs. A report by Public Health England claims that vaping is 95% safer as compared to smoking combustible tobacco.