Christmas is Coming – Is An E Cigarette An Appropriate Present?

We say the same thing every year that Christmas seems to creep up on us before we are ready! Despite shops stocking items since September and Christmas lights being up in town centres from October, we still get to the end of November and wonder how the festive season came around so quickly.

So this leaves us with the dash for presents and wondering what to buy our loves ones. The question is, could an e cigarette be a good enough present? Of course, the people who market these stop smoking gadgets will have you believe that they could – but in reality will it work?

The truth is that we often have fussy loved ones and we all have that one relative that is impossible to buy for. We try to get them something perfect, but we can tell that the smile when they open their present is forced – so what can you do? Is an e cigarette really the answer?

Budget Presents

Most of us aren’t millionaires which means that presents have to be both affordable and thoughtful. We don’t all have the money to splash out on lavish presents for all of our loved ones, so we have to make sure that we prove we have put thought and feeling into the gift we are buying someone.

Of course – it goes without saying that an e cigarette like this is only a suitable present for someone who smokes. It will probably be wasted on someone who doesn’t smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes.

However, if you know someone is a smoker and they have hinted towards wanting to give up in the past, then one of these can be a great present. Just make sure (as with anything that you buy for someone) that you’re not buying a cheap present for someone that it isn’t suitable for – because you don’t want that awkward moment around the tree when you realise they have spent a lot more money on you than you have on them.

Buying Someone an E Cigarette

If you are tempted to buy someone an e cigarette, why not have a conversation with them before hand? It doesn’t have to be about e cigarettes exactly but maybe bring up the topic of smoking, how they feel about it and whether they want to give up. That way you know that you are buying something they are going to like and be interested in – which is always the most important aspect of buying a present for someone else!

You can also make a joke of it, if you don’t allow smoking in your home. Let them know that they can smoke this in your home anytime they like – so they don’t have to go outside in the cold in order to get their nicotine hit. This shows that you have taken the present light hearted and that they should too!

Who Can I Buy For?

Mostly you can buy an e cigarette for anyone who smokes at the moment. Try and see how much they smoke so that you can buy the right strength of e cigarette for their needs. It can also be fun to get a range of flavours for them to try – especially as there are so many of them to choose from.

A e cigarette is probably not an ideal gift for non smokers, ex smokers or teenagers – so just think carefully about who you are buying for and make sure it is an appropriate present.