Do E-Cigs Can Boost Productivity?

There’s an ongoing discussion about e-cigarettes in the workplace. For what reason? Because obviously, smoking in the workplace is something you shouldn’t do. However, vaping allows for workers to have more productivity, since they’re taking fewer smoke breaks. On the other hand, the water vapor can cause a distraction for non-smokers. So does allowing smokers to use e-cigs in the workplace boost overall productivity, or does it actually hinder it?


The truth is that all working environments are a bit different. As well, not everyone is aware that there’s a difference between vaping and smoking. Yet many employers tend to frown upon workers needing constant breaks in order to step outside and smoke a cigarette. In addition, there’s the social stigma on smokers, as well as the health issues.

Quite frankly, the concept of vaping in the workplace is one of those arguments that’s genuinely split right down the middle. There are plenty of people who view it as a great idea. It allows smokers to get their fix without bothering people with the smell of smoke, and also allows people to be more productive since they don’t have to head outside to catch a smoke anywhere near as often.

However, there’s plenty of employers who are unwilling to allow vaping in the workplace at all. E-cigarettes are still new technology, and as such there are very few studies done on them. There’s also no regulations at all. Thus, many employers would rather take the safe choice and simply disallow vaping in the workplace.

While it makes sense for employers to disallow vaping in the workplace, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice. E-Cigs do increase productivity, after all. They allow smokers to get their fix without having to break away from work. In addition, knowing that they can light up at any time allows many smokers to keep their thoughts focused on work instead of their next fix.

Unfortunately, just because e-cigs increase productivity doesn’t mean every employer is capable of allowing them on the job. It’s possible that your employer simply doesn’t have the ability to allow such things. Still, if you’re interested in vaping on the job, it would be helpful to open a dialogue with your workplace. Start educating them on this new technology, pointing out all the benefits. The more people know, the more accepting they will become.