Do E Cigs Stop Weight Gain?


Once you quit smoking, it’s very common that you might develop an eating disorder in your body’s response to an instinct of smoking every hour or other depending on your routine. The same time you use to get up for a cigarette, there’s a strong craving for food which leads a lot of quitters to develop a bad eating habit and hence gaining weight. I feel lucky that I’ve gotten over this bad habit but still I have a lot of friends who wouldn’t quit smoking just because of the fear that they might gain weight.

Smoking cigarettes have been associated with a thin slender figure for years. Whether it was the thin models in their advertising campaign or the association of smoking cigarettes with the fashion industry; it’s there in our unconscious minds that if we stop, we’re fat in no time. One of the tobacco giants named Lucky Strike focused their slogans on women in 1920s for the sake of advertisement and it read, “To keep a slender figure no one can deny, reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” This is only one example; there are a lot of advertising campaigns with unrealistically thin models posing with a cigarette to manipulate women into thinking that smoking is their way out of fats.

A website named studied a group of participants for effects of e-cigarettes on weight gain  and the results were nothing out of the blue. According to the report, “It is possible that by providing a coping mechanism for conditioned smoking cues an e cig use could mitigate hunger associated with smoking abstinence. Moreover, e cigs use appears to improve cognitive effects during tobacco abstinence. Taken together these mechanisms suggest that e cigarettes use may limit post-cessation weight gain.”

How E-cigarettes Help – Customers Experience
There is a little amount of nicotine that e-cigarettes have to offer which keeps your body from going into a shock after the sudden withdrawal. You still get to puff out a little bit of smoke to entertain the habit and there are a lot of exciting flavors that an e-cigarette can serve you with.

I use to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day and it would often become 3 in the case of a short work-related deadline or a sad song that I might stumble into. I use to weigh 195 pounds back then but now I’m at 153 and my dress size has also decreased from a 14 to now 8. My smoking and drinking use to go hand in hand back in those days, I use to drink when I smoked and smoked when I drink like them old-fashioned fellas. After getting done with my first pack of cigarettes throughout the day during my work hours, it used to be just a warm up for my lungs for what had to come. I would spend another $14 on a cigarette pack, head down to a local bar, order some whiskey and start smoking. Half pack down use to mean that now I have to go get something to eat and head back to my apartment where I would eat, drink and smoke into passing out on my couch. You also develop an urge to eat more meat and cheesy stuff when you’re smoking and drinking that much which doesn’t help at all with your weight.

Vaping my way to an e-cigarette has become a convenient option for me as I don’t have to fight the urge to eat something when it’s time to smoke. On the other hand, there are more than 150 flavors that taste like a dream, including apple, cherry, banana, strawberry, and my personal favorite milk and honey which tastes slightly sweet, super-creamy, and just like a dream. The good thing about all these flavors is that they’re sweet and fulfilling with a 0 calories intake.

Did you put on weight when you switched to electronic cigarettes?