Do Traditional Tobacco Companies Have A Place in the Electronic Cigarette World?

The makers of Camel and Pall Mall Cigarettes have recently announced that they have plans to brand into the market of electronic cigarettes. The chief executive of R.J Reynolds, Daniel Delen said “our companies have been hard at work on developing a pipeline of new smokeless and other product innovation.”

However it seems that R.J Reynolds isn’t the only tobacco company taking a step into this new world. Lorillard Tobacco Company recently bought into Blu, an America electronic company, also recently that purchased a UK e cig company called sky cig.

When this happened earlier on in the year it seemed that many of Blu customers weren’t happy with this move – if there social network pages are to be believed. Many of their customers accused them of being a sell out – angry that their money would now be pocketed by a giant tobacco company – an industry they themselves had tried so hard to quit.

That said not everyone was as unhappy as this, with people defending the company on social media websites. Many people feel that the product still had a positive influence on their lives and they didn’t mind who it was owned by – especially when they considered that tobacco companies should be looking at ways to offer healthier alternatives to its customer base.

The e cigarette market is growing and this shows no sign of change, so it seems that R.J Reynolds have bought into this market just in time. But what do you think, should tobacco companies be allowed to buy their way into the electronic cigarette industry, or should the two be forced to be separate? And do you think that e-cig brands that sell to an American tobacco companies are sell outs?