Don’t Give Up – How Is Your Resolution For 2014 Going?

Now that we are in February, you could be feeling the pressure when it comes to keeping up your new year’s resolution. At the start of the new year it is easy to say you’ll give up this or stop doing that, however a few weeks in your motivation could really start to dwindle.

So, if you’re feeling ready to give up giving up – what could you do to improve things?

Not Stress – Although not stressing might sound easier said than done it is possible. Dealing with your stress is a fantastic way of making sure that your problems do not get on top of you. Think about the ways that you can distress and make sure you implement these when you can. Treat yourself to a bath or a bar of chocolate in front of the TV, whatever it is that you can do to make sure that you’re as relaxed as you can be.

Exercise – I know, you’re probably bored of hearing about how you should go to the gym or eat better, but the truth is that exercise really can help. As well as keeping you occupied it helps with your overall happiness. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to become a gym bunny for it to make a difference. A short walk each day could be enough to help. On top of that you could look at taking up a new hobby, something that is fun but also incorporates exercise.

What Alternatives Are There? – Whatever you have given up, look at things you can enjoy instead. So for example if you’re laying off of cakes then look up sweet, healthy snacks that you can have a nibble on instead. If you’re giving up caffeine then drink more water or squash so that you don’t feel tempted. For people giving up smoking an alternative such as an e-cigarette could be the answer to your prayers.

What Triggers You?  – When you’re giving something up, it is important to think about what makes you want this. A lot of the time it is down to habit – for example a cigarette on the way to work or a biscuit in front of the TV. By knowing what triggers you, you can change your routine and you’ll feel less like you need to reach for whatever it is that you are giving up.

Don’t Do It Alone – This is the time of year when many people are trying to make small changes to their life and try something new. Speak to friends and family about what changes they have made for 2014 and see if you can set up a support group to make sure that you’re all helping motivate each other.

Motivation – If you are giving something up, it is important that you see the reward with it. If the habit you are giving up is saving you money then make sure you save this money separately. That way you can keep an eye on how much you have actually saved and treat yourself to something at milestones!

Stick to these and you will be fine, CloudCig are behind you 100%!