E-Cigarette Batteries And How To Use Them Properly


The differences in e-cigarettes compared to the traditional cigarette are all over the place, everything from the way we smoke them, to how its inhaled, the flavors, and most of all our habits.

Going out on your smoke break during your shift has always been a set time. You go out and puff on your cigarette for about five minutes until its out, ash it out, and you back to life. But now that e-cigarettes have become as wildly popular our habits are changing.

You go out to smoke—but when do you stop? When your craving is satisfied? Because that could take a long time for some of us.

Lets figure out how this type of behavior can affect our battery life, and see how long our e-cigarettes battery last?

The Puff Counts 

Most of the electronic cigarettes have a battery that will actually count the amount of puffs you take. To keep an accurate reading of how many you take, you just reset your counter each time you pick up your vape pen. You can use this to your advantage and limit your puffs—to try and ween yourself down if your truing to quit all together.

But another reason why you might want to take this into consideration is that the more frequently you take a puff and the time between those puffs drastically changes your battery life. If you’re a frequent vaper and can’t stop hitting it, then your battery is going to diminish quickly. If you frequently puff long hits up until the cutoff point, that too will drain your battery.

Try limiting your puffs, and adding time in between the hits. It will keep your battery full of life and will give you more optimal performance on your personal vaporizer.

Proper Re-Charging

When you get your e-cigarette it will always come with its own charging cord, outlet adapter, and a charging head that fits into your charging port perfectly. But that sounds too good to be true, especially if your like myself—you lost these all the time.

I didn’t realize until recently though, that if you use other chargers that do fit into your e-cigarettes like the charging heads most android products take. You are actually killing your battery and possibly damaging it completely. These batteries are made with lithium ion and improper charging can weaken the batteries chemical make-up. Leaving your battery on the charger too long can also diminish your battery life, and you will notice your life being drained a lot quicker.

Try to keep the cord that your battery comes with, and try to take care of it. Put your battery on the charger for 2-3 hours but unplug it before you go to bed. You will wake up to a full charge still—and will be ready for a full day of vaping!

Multiple Batteries

You can purchase different sizes of battery for your vaporizer, but if you have a size that best fits your puff count than you may want to think about have more than one battery.


Aspire e-cigarettes for example over a range of different batteries for your selection. Depending on the puff count that you want to have, you can choose a small battery like the 145mah for 300 puffs,or the 650mah with 900 puffs, or you can go up to the full power—950mah for 1,200 puffs.

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