E-Cigarette FAQ for UK Users

What is an E-Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that allows users to smoke without facing the dangers of smoking harmful substances that are present in conventional cigarettes. E-cigs look like regular cigarettes but in place of smoke, water vapour is released. Depending on the type of liquid refill selected by the user, the cigarette may or may not contain nicotine. E cigarettes are gaining wide popularity because of its health and convenience benefits over the traditional cigarette.


What Is Included in the Product Package?

An electronic cigarette UK can be a 2 or 3 piece design. The 2-piece model includes a cartomizer and the battery while a 3-piece model includes a cartridge, atomizer and battery. An e cig package also includes a charger and user manual. Electronic cigarettes are available in many varieties from different manufacturers. A new 3-piece e cig kit may have 5-10 replacement cartridges. Each cartridge contains e-liquid that you use when you want to smoke. Once the liquid in the cartridge is finished then you have to replace it.

What is the Taste of E Cigarettes?

The taste is similar to a traditional cigarette except that this one is easier on the throat. The smooth taste is because of lack of tar and carcinogenic substances. It is available in many flavours so you can choose your favourite flavour. The flavours include the regular tobacco as well as coffee, strawberry, apple, vanilla, cherry etc.

Does It Look Odd to Smoke an E-Cigarette?

You will look completely natural smoking an e cig. From a distance it looks same as someone smoking a regular cigarette. The difference becomes obvious only from the close range. When you inhale then the red light glows in the same way as the ember glows on a regular cigarette while inhaling. E cigarettes have the same length, design, colour combination, shape and size as regular cigarettes so you never feel odd smoking it. This type of smoking has gained wide popularity and a large number of people are smoking it so it is considered quite normal now.

What Is the E-Liquid?

It is glycerine or propylene glycol based liquid. It may contain nicotine. The e liquid is available in different flavours in small bottles. You have to buy the liquid separately only when using 3-piece model.

Which One Is Better: Pre-Filled or Empty Cartridges?

The pre-filled cartridges are somewhat easier to use because you only need to join the cartridge to the battery and start smoking. The 3-peace e-cigarette is cheaper but it also involves a longer process to prepare it for smoking. You have to buy the e-liquid separately for this design. The liquid must be refilled carefully.

Which Design Is Better: 2-Piece or 3-Piece?

In the 2 piece e cigs, you only need to join the battery to the cartomizer. Once the cartomizer liquid is finished then you simply replace the whole cartomizer. In case of 3-piece design, you have to keep using the same cartomizer again and again. You only need to replace the cartridge. It is cheaper and more convenient compared to the 2-piece design.

How Long Does A cartridge Last?

It depends on the make and model of the cartridge and your duration and frequency of smoking e-cigs.

Do I have to Refill My Electronic Cigarette Quite Often?

Refilling depends on the duration and frequency of your smoking. The 3-piece e-cig design has longer refilling process. If you choose 2-piece electronic cigarettes that are more popular now then there is less mess involved with the refilling process.

Can E Cigarette Help Me Quit Smoking?

It is difficult to answer because a lot depends on your resolve. Generally, users who get used to e-cigs reduce smoking regular cigarettes. Some people completely replace smoking regular cigarette with the e cigs. Smoking electronic cigarettes does not help get rid of nicotine addiction. People who want to quit smoking are advised to use less strong e liquids. It is a gradual process and the nicotine content of the liquid is brought down until you do not feel uncomfortable smoking 0 mg nicotine cartridge.

Can I Smoke E Cigarette Anywhere?

Because there is no bad odour or smoke with e cigs, you can smoke anywhere, including public places. At the same time, people are yet to recognize the differences between a regular cigarette and an e cigarette. You may be asked frequently not to smoke at particular places and you may have to explain every time. It is advisable to choose a place where you are comfortable smoking it without any disturbance.