E-Cigarette Misuse: Explosions


You may have seen some of the recent headlines surrounding e-cigarettes. In part, words like “burns” and “explode” certainly raised some eyebrows. The stories were about a sixteen year old boy from Canada. He suffered from second degree burns after using a vapour device that exploded.


Certainly, these stories did not paint the e-cigarette industry in a very favourable light. Some referred to e-cigs as “dangerous.” Others claimed that the devices were marketed to young people and potentially put their lives at risk. Other statements included in the article were just as dramatic. Those individuals that were able to take a step back from the sensationalism posed some very intelligent questions as a result of the story. In part, they wanted to know more facts rather than conjecture.


The stories were obviously written to get a rise out of people. Certainly, Ty Greer, the young man in question, was injured. Hopefully, he recovers soon and does not have any lasting side effects from his experience. Without question, Greer had a traumatic experience that he was not expecting. He was simply sitting in his car, using e-cigarettes, without realizing that the device was going to explode in a few moments. Still, it is important to note that he was not using the device properly. The e-cigarette industry should not be blamed for what happened to Ty Greer.


Greer had a Wotofo Phantom in his possession. This device was created for people that are experienced in “do it yourself” vape building. They were not intended for people just starting out in this area. Most people know that these devices should only be used by people that know what they are doing with them. This is because it is not difficult to make a mistake when utilizing a Wotofo Phantom. In particular, the batteries often cause problems; some people put in the wrong kind and others do not use them properly. As a result, the device explodes. Ty Greer was unfortunately a victim of such a circumstance.


There are many items in the world that can be dangerous. For example, guns should never be in the hands of an inexperienced individual. User error can result in death. The product itself is not to blame. That is the case in this situation as well; the media needs to accept the fact that if the guidelines for the use of the Wotofo Phantom had been followed, this situation never would have occurred in the first place.