E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy – Everything You Need To Know

Like any other factor that contributes to a woman’s health during pregnancy, usage of electronic cigarettes is also something that should be duly noted. If you look back 50 years from now, smoking during pregnancy was not given much second thoughts but things have changed a lot over these years. A decline of almost 12-18% has been noted among pregnant women in last 25 years, who gave up smoking during pregnancy. Increasing awareness, education, and the implementation of strict laws are the reasons behind this effective decline. If you are wondering that can you switch to vaping or any other electronic cigarette product during pregnancy then the answer is a clear-cut No! Woman shows the electronic cigarette People who switch to vaping from smoking combustible tobacco find themselves having a lot of convenient options, a stronger grip on their lifestyles and a way to save a lot of money. But when you talk about the usage of any product that serves nicotine, a pregnant woman has to avoid all such activities. When you are carrying a child, it becomes important that you must abide by all the rules and restrictions of pregnancy and consider all the healthier options. The restriction on nicotine intake during pregnancy is so strict that you are not even allowed to go through any sort of nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine intake causes the constriction of blood vessels which during pregnancy can be harmful to the developing fetus because enough oxygen is not supplied by the placenta. That is why; nicotine intake is strictly prohibited by medical professionals during pregnancy because of its tendency to cause birth defects in newborn babies. At this point, a lot of e-cig users might be thinking about the usage of nicotine-free e-liquids. There are no restrictions that FDA has imposed on the usage of e-cigs and other related products because the Vaping trend is comparatively new but the American Vaping Association, however, recommends avoiding all vaping products during pregnancy. That means you’re not allowed to using any kind of vaporizers or e-cigs if you are pregnant. We understand that the transaction from vaping to no-vaping can be really hard for pregnant women and we also understand the same phenomena would have brought you to this article. While it may seem a little hard avoiding something that you cherish, you should keep in mind that you are doing this for something that you’re going to cherish a lot more than anything.