E Cigarettes – Are The Media Finally Waking Up?

In the past e cigarettes haven’t been mentioned very much in the media and when they have mentioned them facts and figures have been wrong. Since the MHRA have made a move to have e cigarettes regulated as medicine – and since then it seems that media are more keen to mention e cigarettes and get their facts right.

It is widely recognised throughout the vaping community that regulating e cigarettes as medicine is not a good move. The reason for this is a whole host of things however the main thing is that they are not medicinal – they are not and could not be prescribed to treat a disease.

Over recent weeks there have been newspaper headlines such as the ‘conspiracy theorist may have it right’, and ‘government and pharmaceutical industry go to war on consumers’, so as usually the media have jumped on the band wagon – with scare tactic headlines.

The fact of the matter is that the government investment into NRT was not as successful as e cigarettes were when it comes to stopping people smoking tobacco. The government invested millions into NRT and it just hasn’t worked as well as e cigarettes. However of course, the tobacco industry stands to lose money if these become even more popular -so for money watchers, money will be lost!

There is a theory that the regulation behind e cigarettes is simply to help the government make back the money they stand to lose in tax revenue by people switching off of tobacco smoking – which we know makes billions of pounds each year!

At the end of the day, it must be about money because if it wasn’t why wouldn’t they just ban cigarettes altogether?