E-Cigarettes: More Cancer Chemicals That Traditional Cigarettes? How Much Truth Is In That!?

OK – So if you listen to the papers over the last few weeks they’ll tell you that e-cigarettes have 10 times more chemicals in them than traditional cigarettes and therefore higher chances of causing cancer.

They love their media rants – but if you actually read the story then you’ll see it is ONE REPORT from Japan that has started this story. So, I am here to say – LIES! Sorry, but I don’t believe the story. One report cannot give us enough of the facts to give the cautionary tales that these papers are telling us. So through away the papers and don’t even bother yourself with their stories.

Most of the papers didn’t even bother to tell people that the original report was one from Japan. Only one paper I have seen wrote “Researcher Naoki Kunugita (Scientist) and his team at the National Institute of Public Health in Japan submitted their report to the ministry on Thursday, (the report that allegedly said there were far more carcinogens in e-cigs than in tobacco cigarettes). But neither the scientist nor anyone from the health ministry were immediately available to confirm the report.”

But that’s it. The rest have printed fearful stories in order to sell copies – but what good is that!?

You’ll read headlines of “E cigarettes have 10X more cancer causing chemicals in them compared to traditional cigarettes”… They’ll break this down into a number of different claims that different chemicals can be found in e cigarettes including:

Formaldehyde – This is usually present in embalming fluids and building materials. According to one health office this was present in very high levels, more than the amount of carcinogens found in the smoke in traditional cigarettes.

Acetaldehyde – This was found in higher amounts compared to normal tobacco. It’s a naturally formed chemical found in small quantities in the industrial industry.

Yes… That’s it! I know, doesn’t seem quite as dramatic when you break it down like that does it?

If you have read electronic cigarette stories before then you’ll know that this type of claim is nothing new. So for me, the newspapers are worth nothing more than just going into the bin.

Getting The Truth

Rather than just assume that the newspapers are right, take time out to research what people in the know are saying. For example Dr Farsalinos who came out on social media with a number of interesting points. This is a great way of getting another side of the story and finding out the truth of what is being said.

He actually did the research that the press should have done and got in touch with the author of the research. He then broke down the information that had been found into what it meant.

The author confirmed that did find levels of carcinogens in one electronic cigarette that they tested – but that they did test 10. He also let Dr Farsalinos know that it was only Formaldehyde that they found – and this can be found in lots and lots of places. He also said that actually there is a different study (which took place in 2008) which says that the level of formaldehyde found in traditional cigarette is as much as 6 TIMES HIGHER than quoted in this current report.

Dr Farsalinos actually put together some interesting information for us to read. He said “While we still need to see the levels of carbonyls generated from high-power e-cigarette use (using appropriate atomizers of course), the message concerning all this media frenzy is clear. Even in the worst-case Japanese product, e-cigarette aerosol contained 6 times lower formaldehyde levels compared to tobacco cigarette smoke. Where does the “10 times higher than smoking” statement come from? I have no idea.”

He also went on to talk about how misleading the current media reports are – “Obviously, we have to realize that focusing the discussion on one of the tens of carcinogens present in tobacco cigarette smoke is misleading. Even if e-cigarettes contained similar, or higher, levels of formaldehyde, they do not contain the majority of other toxic and carcinogenic substances present in cigarette smoke. Overall, any residual risk from e-cigarette use is orders of magnitude lower than smoking. This is exactly what smokers need (and deserve) to know.” You can read more about the report here http://www.ecigarette-research.com/web/index.php/2013-04-07-09-50-07/2014/188-frm-jp

So there you have it. There really isn’t any need to be alarmed. The media, once again, have people hyped up about something that isn’t true and here at CloudCig we refuse to be afraid.