E Cigs With The CloudCig Way!

Perhaps changing from regular cigarettes to e cigs is that you can modify them and show them off. At CloudCig UK, we love gadgets and gizmos and that’s why we offer a wide array of accessories and kits for your ecigs.

Our more influential bloggers have reached out and asked their followers what they’d like to see in ecigs. Below we’ve shared some of these responses from the wow factor to the creatively unusual. With so many replies we couldn’t include them all, but we’ve given you the general responses and you’re going to love what users are saying about vapers.

Tank Vs Mod: Is There A Difference?

The truth is, users state that it doesn’t really matter which ecig method you’re using. A 2 piece or a 3 piece or a tank vs mod. People aren’t switching to ecigs for these reasons, they’re switching to go to a better more safe method of smoking. Any device that will deliver nicotine just as a regular cigarette is going to be a winner. People are looking for options and with ecigs, they get that option.

Many puffers have confessed that their issue is that the verbiage isn’t conducive to smokers. While the ecigs themselves provide pleasure, and don’t set off smoke alarms. the word ‘vaping’ isn’t conducive to a discussion with grandma. Puffing is a far superior word and much more clearly describes what is actually going on. How to explain this to grandma is another story entirely.

The Hunt For Perfection

Have you ever found that you have a sudden affection for something that you’re using? Most people don’t stop and give it much thought. Some prefer to use a varied watt over a mechanical device for vaping. They like the usability and varied control that they have over the device. Many prefer a box over a tube mod. The device must be easy to utilize and if you still haven’t found the one you like, keep looking, it’s out there somewhere. Try the various options until you find the one that you like.


Many vapers are gadget nerds. Anything that is technology, is cool. It’s fascinating to utilize technology in this fashion. It’s versatile. It’s understandable that those with higher wattage may be shorter in battery life. A 30 watt that is used with a tank may provide 10 to 20 watts as an easy way to balance things out. With so many options many are gathering up a few different gadgets and trying them out to see which ones they prefer. Many are trying to figure out how to combine some of the options and create their own ‘personalized’ version of vaping.

A lot of users prefer to be able to adjust their power. They want to be in control of the liquid in the atomizer. It’s long been known that it’s all about the air flow. This makes adjustability the most important aspect of ecigs. Each and every aspect of the vaping experience is interrelated. With so many flavors to choose from this can enhance the experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been vaping for years or if you’re just considering beginning. There are many ecig kits and many accessories to consider.

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