Electronic Cigarette Review UK — An Overview

As countless electronic cigarette reviews have confirmed, our products are a fantastic tobacco free substitute for smoking. One e cigs review of our devices said that they provide users with the authentic taste and nicotine boost of conventional cigarettes — without the damaging tobacco smoke. Many electronic cigarette UK reviews have commented on how well the vapour from our gadgets imitates cigarette smoke. You get the true cigarette taste from inhaling the vapour, as well as a potent nicotine fix.


The UK ban on smoking does not limit the use of e cig devices in public areas. Our devices do not have tobacco in them, create physical smoke or have a flammable effect. Thus, you are free to legally “smoke” indoors. Our products can be used in clubs, pubs, work vehicles, offices and restaurants.

Electronic Cigarette Review UK — An Overview

Electric cigarettes provide a comfortable and clean smoking alternative. Every electronic cigarettes review of our products has remarked that no stale odours of tobacco are evident. Your home, body, car and office will be free from cigarette butts, smoke and ash, thanks to our ingenious devices.

The best electronic cigarette review we read pointed out how our products look and function in an identical way to regular cigarettes. The tip of our devices glow, whenever you draw on the filtre to inhale. The inhaled vapour serves as a viable cigarette smoke replacement, and even offers a similar nicotine throat taste and hit.

E Cigarettes Review — How our Devices Work

We use rechargeable lithium ion batteries for the white bodies of our electronic cigs. Our “Cartomizer” filtres serve as both disposable vaporizers and sealed nicotine containers. These parts attach to the batteries. Once you inhale, our electronic cigarette batteries activate and begin to vaporize the cartomizer’s contents. Our e cigarette’s LED tip glows red whilst inhaling, and reverts to standby mode after you stop. All electronic cigarette reviews UK have said that our devices produce no carbon monoxide, tar or tobacco smoke.

Moreover, virtually all electronic cigarettes reviews have mentioned how our electric cigarette products taste very similar to real cigarettes. Normally, conventional smokers use one specific tobacco brand, and each brand has a unique flavour. Our products are like this, as they have their own characteristic taste, and our filtres come in an assortment of flavours.

“Smoking” our electronic cigs is referred to as “vaping”. The smokey sensation is called a throat hit. One online e cigarette review states that standard smoke from cigarettes has more than 4000 chemicals in it. This includes more than fifty compounds that are known to cause cancer.

One e cig review lists some of these compounds as carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, formaldehyde, arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. In conventional cigarettes, additives and toxins can affect the flavour. Most e cig reviews mention how ASH accused tobacco firms of adding chemicals to cigarettes to boost their addictiveness. Also, ASH states that additives like cocoa are used for airway dilation.

With our electric cigarettes, only a small number of ingredients are inhaled, like pharmaceutical grade nicotine, water and food. This has garnered praise from many e cigs reviews. Better still, the fact that our e cig filtres come in numerous flavours gives you the option to move away from normal cigarette tastes and sample something different.