Electronic Cigarettes Are Taking the UK by Storm

The Electronic cigarette is the hottest product in the vape world and has become a huge trend within the UK. With hookahs becoming a hot trend, in the vapour world, you can experiment with flavours as well as taking yourself off of real cigarettes by choosing flavoured nicotine without the tar and toxins in actual cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes have become healthy alternatives to ones who have been extreme smokers, smoking multiple packs a day and has been proven to be a healthy way to take yourself off of them while enjoying the act of smoking.

Why You Should Choose to Smoke E cigs

  • The e cig is odourless
  • E cigarettes are efficient as they are reusable
  • E cigs cost less as you only buy one
  •  Save thousands of dollars annually

The e cigarette is just like a normal cigarette. When you smoke a real cigarette, you are addicted to the nicotine but in return get all the harmful effects with the chemicals, rat poison and more. But with the e-cig, you aren’t getting the harmful toxins; you are simply getting the addictive nicotine in doses that you can control.

By purchasing this artificial cigarette, you can control how heavy of a hit you take off of the vapour. This allows you to get off of real cigarettes quicker to completely quit or to manage your craving controllably even though this is known to diminish those cravings.

If you have children or are currently pregnant, instead of choosing real cigarettes after birth, you can try these artificial cigarettes to save the health of your children because there will be no second hand smoke. You can also save yourself so you can live longer for your children.

There are dozens upon dozens of vapour flavours for you to choose from. Some of these flavours include but are not limited to:

  • Organic coconut
  • Champagne flavoured
  • Cotton candy
  • French vanilla
  • Pecan
  • Apples
  • Caramel
  • Bananas

There are many flavours for every kind of taste buds. Speaking of taste buds, when you stop smoking normal cigarettes, you gain back your taste buds as well as your lungs healing. This will allow you to taste better within 3 weeks’ time. On top of being able to taste more, you will also be able to smell better as you’ll be able to pick up light smells and more vivid smells.

Pros to Using an Artificial Cigarette

  • The battery life is incredible
  • No more smelly clothes and hair
  • No withdrawals from tobacco
  • Great on your wallet
  • Healthy alternative for you
  • Tastes great
  • Customisable flavours
  • Compact and takes up barely any space in your purse or pocket
  • Not harmful to people around you

You will not have any withdrawals using the electronic cigarettes as there is still some nicotine in small doses in the vapour. Although there is no tobacco in these products, legally, you must still be 18 in order to purchase these artificial cigarettes.

Another name for these you can find is called a vape pen or a vapour pen. This is because it looks like a pen and is handheld as well as compact. This is great for storing in your purse as the kits do not take up much space nor does the pen itself.

On top of restoring your health, you’re also restoring your wallet. You can save hundreds a month by making the switch to the artificial cigarette. There is nothing better than regaining your life back with just one click of a button.

Our starter kits will have you ready and throwing away the real cigarettes in no time. We urge you to try these e- cigarettes and vapour pens just once, and you won’t regret it nor will you want to go back to the real thing.

Let your lungs, friends and family thank you by switching to this artificial cigarette that has no negative consequences on your body or your wallet whatsoever.