Electronic Cigarettes: The Maths Behind Them That Makes Them Work

If you have looked into buying electronic cigarettes then you’ll find that there are many different types for you to choose from. This is great news because it means that whatever you are looking for there will be items to suit you. However, what is the best way to decide which ones should be your premier choice? If a packet says that one cartridge inside the pack will last you the same as 30 traditional cigarettes – how is this decided?e cig maths

In order to look at this properly, let’s use a pack of Marlboro Gold Brand cigarettes. If you look at a pack of these cigarettes then you’ll see that each cigarette contains 0.5mg of nicotine. In general an electronic cigarette cartridge has 18mg of nicotine. When you work out how many 0.5mg ‘hits’ of nicotine you’ll get it’s 36 (18 divided by 0.5)

However, when it comes to nicotine its about how long that hit lasts – which is much harder to work out. We all smoke differently and take a puff differently, so there is no way to look at this as an exact math.

We look at the results as fairly as possible, we used a puff tester to look at the results. This machine can act out smoking, by sucking in air and then expelling it. As it is a machine, it takes the same type of puff each time – which helps to ensure fair and consistent results.

We tested a packet of cigarettes and our electronic cigarette cartridges. On average the machine took 8 puffs to finish a traditional cigarette. An electronic cigarette cartridge took 300 puffs before it was gone. So if you look at 300 in a cartridge divided by 8 puffs in a traditional cigarette – you get 37.5.

So, when you take into account variables of how much people puff, how much time before they take a puff and other variables, it is a safe bet to look at each electronic cartridges giving you an average of 30 cigarettes per cartridge.