New EU E-Cigarette Regulations: What You Need To Know


The EU has released its recently released TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) which has caused and uproar among many store owners who are selling e-cigarettes. But I am here to tell you that you should not worry too much.

This new article [20] was crafted and designed for traditional smoking—however they very poorly added e-cigarettes into the mix. Which anyone who knows of the differences between the two will tell you is absolutely ridiculous.

But we are going to inform you of what you need to know—right now. Nothing has been finalized by the UK government and the following information is going off what we know as the general public so far, but it is far from being done. So just keep that in mind.

Here are some questions that are floating around right now. Check them out!

“Are E-Cigarettes Medical Products Now?”


Vaping activists fought the good fight to ensure that this proposal was beaten. You do not need a medical license in order to sell e-cigarettes and their products. Some of us have chosen to get it anyways but if you’re a small or medium sized shop—don’t worry about it.

“Does My Retail Store Need A New Specialized Licensed Insurance?”

Some think that the new TPD would require those who sell e-cigarettes would need to purchase some sort of new license.

Not true. However, we would recommend that you insurance and your suppliers are insured as well. This is just good business practice.

“Besides Knowing The Product, Do My Staff and I Need New Training To Sell E-Cigarettes?”
You don’t need any additional product training or knowledge. But something that you should know if you don’t already is the “General Products Safety Regulations” that was introduced in 2005. As long as you follow the rules, and od not sell to anyone under the age of 18, then you and your e-cigarette shop will be just fine.

“Can We Still Sell Imported E-Liquid?”

As of right now it has been stated that E-liquid is now made with EU or USA pharmacy grade nicotine. As I write this currently this excludes China manufacturers, so if you are being supplied by the Chinese here in the UK, you may want to look elsewhere.

E-liquid manufacturers will now have to put their products through emission testing and their submission for testing will need to be made 6 months before they can put it on someone’s shelves. This is going to cause some issues but some of the largest companies in the USA may spend mountain of cash to comply to these new regulations and test all their products more efficiently.

But this one is still up in the air, as they realize how big of a factor this is going to be for e-cigarette retailers here in the UK.

“Do I have To Do The Testing And Submissions As A Retailer?”

Not as the retailer, but this new cost and task is going to be required for manufacturers and importers. By the time it gets to retail it will mean that is has passed all testing, so breath easy retail sellers.

“What Signage Do I Need Now?”

When this comes into effect, you will need to display only an age restriction sign—which should be posted up in your windows anyways, we hope. Nothing about the TPD will need to be displayed though.

“Other Restrictions We Need To Know?”

Juices can no longer come in a glass container or bottle. They are now going to be regulated down to 10ml plastic bottles, with only about a 2% max of nicotine in the juice.

“When Does This Come Into Effect?”

May . 20th, 2016 is when these regulations are said to come into effect.


As others have reported, this is a poorly written legislature by a bunch of people who are scrambling to get their hands on this highly profitable market. With regulations coming in for advertising, amount of nicotine used, and what container it comes in—we may be in for a complete change here in the UK and the entire world.

But vapor activist certainly will not allow this to just happen. The fight is not over, and the real threat is only to the manufacturers. But we are all in this together, and we should voice our opinion if we don’t like it. So now that you know a little more—go out and spread the word!