EU Initiative – Update

Over recent weeks there has been quite a lot of talk about EU regulations and proposed changes for e cigarettes, although a lot of it is rumours and regulations rather than official announcements. However, if it is only rumours – none of it so far has been good news.

Firstly they’re looking to ban anything over a 20mg/ml of nicotine – which a lot of people do, so will be affected.

It looks like they’re going to be keeping an eye on refillable’s over the next 2 years too – with a view of possibly banning them at the end of the 24 month study. The news that has been given seems to be incomplete at the moment but what we can be sure of is the refill containers/tanks will be affected – possibly limited to having a certain volume.

It looks like they’re worried about leaking with refills and could introduce a mandatory mechanism to cartridges with the aim to stop this from happening, although how this will actually pan out remains to be seen.

So far, all of the information seems to be confusing and given out in bits and pieces, which is still all being put together to complete the picture and see exactly what is happening.

And Now On To The Really Bad News

Following on from this, the e cigarette industry is expecting to hear quality and safety measured being announced – which will be near impossible to follow through on and meet the strict standards that are put in place. The baffling thing is that the regulations that are being rumoured so far are much stricter than those that regulate traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Different e cigarette flavours are also being discussed, although it seems what is and isn’t allowed could vary from country to country, so the whole situation could get very confusing! Originally it was thought that these announcements would be to harmonise rules throughout Europe but as far as we can see actually the rules are not going to straighten things out at all and in fact could make things a bit more complicated.

It is expected that we’ll hear more about these in the coming days, with official announcements made by the Council of Health Ministers.

What we’re hoping for is that as it is seen as such a mess that they’ll not accept it and then we can get it removed from parliament altogether.

Get in touch with your MP if you can, but for now we’ll try and find out more information for you as soon as possible.