Falsely Reported Mouse Abuse As E-cig Danger

notoanimaltestingRecently a story has been circulating in the US press and it has become a controversy.

According to the story, using the e-cigs can make you more prone to coughs and colds. When I first read it, I wrinkled my nose up and dismissed it as a guff or nonsense.

The British Press turned the story into another screaming King Kong of a headline with emphasis to make sure you don’t miss the point.

The Daily Mail stated that suing e-cigarettes are NOT a safe alternative to smoking. According to studies, chemicals used by the e-cig harms the lungs and weaken the immune system.

Scientists found their immune responses to bacterial and viral infections were weakened to such an extent that some mice died”

E-cigarettes and tobacco generates similar toxic chemicals that may harm the lungs and immune system, scientists claim.

The report is not from Japan or anywhere exotic, it’s not from desperate scientists’ research, this time it’s from the respectful John Hopkins University.

So you would think it was Kosher …

But it isn’t.

Sorry to say but you must stop using e-cig for a while and read this not to put out to scare people away from vaping.

There was no comparison with smoking and a two week study? Is that long enough? What about the group not exposed to vapour but to flu? Did any of them die?

Tom Pruen at ECITA has written something about this study that is very illuminating.

He writes: There are two flaws in their procedure that makes the result meaningless for human exposure. The first of these appears to be purposive.

They meant to do it with little mice too.

They battered the mice with a large amount of vapour enough to knock out an elephant.

(That’s my analogy)

They exposed the mice which weighs about 40g each with a same amount of vapour equal to an adult consumption of likely 70Kg – 80 Kg in weight – an increase of 2000 times in exposure. The exposure was in the whole body.


The next mistake was how they battered the mice with a machine that produces the vapour and let the cartomisers dry burn … yes they certainly did battered those poor mice.

Tom writes: Each cartomiser produces 1 puff per minute for 90 minutes, twice a day which totals 180 puffs per day. This shows the actual lifespan of a cartomiser that is one day. However, when a cartomiser starts to run dry, there is a decrease in flavor and in the palatability of the vapour that is not always represented in a drop vapour output.

The aftermath of this is that, as they exposed the mice to the same dose of a human (about 2000 times scale increase), they also exposed them to revelatory amounts of thermal degradation products produced by empty cartomisers. Despite this, many of the mice survived but were infected by respiratory diseases. It is not a surprise that the mice did not survive in fighting off these infections after being abused.

In order to add a bit of balance to the article, the Daily Mail acknowledged at the end of their piece that, “Although its 100 times lower than cigarette smoke, it still has a high number of free radicals that can possibly damage cells.’

Note the word possibly – I could ‘possibly’ be the next Queen of England.

Though it is highly unlikely.

But perhaps the scariest line for some is this one: E-cigarette sales in the US are expected to overtake sales of cigarettes in the next 10 years.

But this might be the scariest line for some:Cigarette sales in the US is expected to be overhauled by E-cigaratte sales in the next 10 years.

Read the ECITA post in full here:  http://www.ecita.org.uk/ecita-blog/new-study-mice-shows-remarkably-little-acute-toxicity-despite-major-methodology-problems