Commonly Asked Questions

What Are CloudCigs?

CloudCigs are electronic cigarettes – devices that simulate smoking act very similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes but without the health risks. Our product produces an inhaled vapour which gives a very similar sensation, look and taste as smoking tobacco, but without the chemicals, or odour.

What Do The Cartridges Contain?

In any cartridges or e-liquid the contents are propylene glycol (which is used in many products including food, drinks and medicine) and nicotine. We give our customers the choice of 6mg (lowest), 12mg (medium) and finally 18mg (highest) of nicotine content.

What Is Each Cartridge Equal To?

Each CloudCig cartridge is equivalent to roughly 30 cigarettes, but this does depend on your habits (how long you inhale and how many puffs you have)


This varies from person to person and usually depends on the amount and the strength of the cigarettes they smoke or used to smoke. It’s important to try to get this right as a nicotine strength which is too low may not satisfy your needs (and you may be tempted to compensate with smoking), whereas a nicotine strength that is too high may be too intense. You can refer to our guide below to help you choose the best strength. Please bear in mind this should be used as rough guide only, everyone is different when it comes to tolerance/preference to their e-cig strength so be prepared to try a few different strengths when you are starting out. Remember, all of e-cig starter kits come with 1 cartomiser in each of the 3 strengths so you should get a good idea which is right for you after trying for yourself!

Cigarette Strength Number Smoked Per Day Recommended E-Cig Strength
Strong Up to 10 12mg (MEDIUM)/18mg (HIGH)
Strong 10-20 18mg (HIGH)
Strong 21+ 18mg (HIGH)
Regular Up to 10 6mg (LOW)/12mg (MEDIUM)
Regular 10-20 12mg (MEDIUM)
Regular 21+ 12mg (MEDIUM)/18mg (HIGH)
Light Up to 10 6mg (LOW)
Light 10-20 6mg (LOW)/12mg (MEDIUM)
Light 21+ 12mg (MEDIUM)


Does A CloudCig Not Actually Need To Be Lit?

Do not ever try to light your CloudCig. Our e-cig batteries vaporises the liquid turning it into a mist and what you inhale is the water vapour, there is no combustion whatsoever.

How Do I Charge The Cloud Cig Battery?

It is very simple to charge your battery, simply use the USB stick or plug supplied with your starter kit. You can attach it to your case and it will be fully charged within around 1 hour.

How Long Does The Battery Last For?

The battery will last approximately 2 hours if you are using your CloudCig regularly. Remember to take a spare battery with you if do not have access to your charger.

Can You Offer Support To Your Customers?

Yes we can, our number one priority is our customer. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions:

Telephone Number: 08530 956 853

Monday – Saturday | 8am – 9pm


E-Mail: help@cloudcig.co.uk

7 days a week | 24 hours a day!

contact form

Or contact us through the

CloudCig.co.uk Contact Form.

Can I Actually Smoke Anywhere?

Remember the smoking ban is only intended for tobacco and not for CloudCigs so you are able to use in places such as trains, offices, bars, clubs, and restaurants as long as they don’t specifically disallow electronic cigarettes.

Who Can Purchase Your Products?

We have a strict policy where we DO NOT sell to anyone under the age of 18, so to validate your age you must have a valid debit or credit card.


Which Locations Do You Ship To?

We ship to the whole of the UK, Ireland and anywhere in Europe where electronic cigarettes are permitted. If you are outside of Europe we can offer special deliveries to so please contact us to arrange a shipping method.

Is Shipping Free?

We offer free shipping on orders over £45 in the UK, order amounts under this amount will incur a fee of £4.30. All orders are delivered via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

How Long Will It Take To Get To Me?

We always aim to get your order shipped for next day delivery if you place your order before 2PM. However, please allow 2- 3 working days. If there are any problems with your order then we will contact you.

After my purchase

Can I Cancel Or Amend My Order?

If you have just placed an order with CloudCig and you want to cancel or amend your order (change address or add more products) then please contact our customer service team ASAP and as long as your order has not already been shipped, we will cancel or amend it for you.

Do You Actually Provide A 30 Day Money Back Promise?

At CloudCig, we are 100% committed to providing you with the most reliable service and top of the range products. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our kits then you can return your item within 30 days. Please contact our customer service team and we will instruct you on how to return your item(s).

What Warranty Do You Offer On Your Products?

All the items we provide are all under warranty for the original person who purchased the goods, the warranty for each product CloudCig provide are as follows:

  • Charging Cases, USB Charger & Wall Charger are under a 12 month warranty from the date of receipt.
  • Battery – as they are consumable we only offer a 30 days warranty from date of receipt.
  • Cartridge Refills – are consumable and we do not offer any warranty.


What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

what-are-ecigs-img1For smokers wishing to quit, an overview of e cigarettes would be of interest to them. The electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig or e-cigarette, is a kind of technology that is relatively new. This cigarette that is battery operated is a marvelous little device made to simulate smoking effects both in function and design. Most people are unlikely to notice any discriminate difference between a standard cigarette and the e-cigarette by appearance alone. The e-cig has worked beyond the expectations of even people who have been smoking for a long time.

How Does It Work?

what-are-ecigs-img2The e-cigarette emits a thick vapor that is closely similar to that of actual cigarette smoke. However, unlike the case of tobacco smoke, tar is absent, together with a fraction of more than 4000 chemicals that are contained in a standard tobacco cigarette. The e-cigarette vapor is created using a heating element, or an atomizer. This heating element heats a small liquid amount in a way that is similar to a fog machine, hence creating a vapor with the same consistence and flavor as tobacco smoke. An electronic cigarette does not emit any actual smoke, meaning that there is no need for ignition from a lighter or match. Hence, there is no fire hazards risk or second-hand smoke.

Looking at e cigarette history, E-cigarettes were first developed by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik, who in 2003 patented the idea. Despite Lik patenting the e-cig and e liquid in that year, it was not until 2006 that the product was introduced to the Europe and the United States markets. After the first introduction, many e-cig manufacturers marketed their products as technical wonders and smoking cessation aids. As of 2011, it was reported that there are over 400 e-cigarette brands available. Due to this fact, figuring out the best brand can be quite difficult.

Intensive research has been carried out on e-cigarettes together with the e-liquid, or the e-juice as it is sometimes referred to. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine published a study in their February 2011 issue, whereby researchers reported that e-cigs are a promising tool for assisting smokers to quit. The study also reported that smokers using e-cigarettes had an average of six months abstinence rate. Another study published by the Addiction’s August 2011 issue showed that those who switched to e-cig significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked.

Benefits Of An Electronic Cigarette


  • They Have Helped 85% Of People To Stop Smoking In The UK.
  • Over 1 Million People Now Use E Cigarettes.
  • You Can Save Up To £3000 Per Year.
  • 4000 Less Chemicals Then Tobacco Cigarettes.
  • It Will Help You Become More Healthier.
  • You Can Smoke It Anywhere!

E-Cigarette Battery

The e-cigarette battery is automatically turned on during inhalation, and when the smoker completes the drag it automatically shuts off, hence maximizing battery life. The battery makes up most of the cigarette, and can be recharged using the USB port of electronic devices or with a wall charger. Such a battery will typically last anywhere between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the user’s smoking habits. It is common practice for a user to have two e-cig batteries, one left to charge while the other is being used. When the smoker sucks the e-cig, its tip lights up just as would be expected on a normal tobacco cigarette.

E Liquid

The electronic cigarette e-liquid, smoke juice or e-juice contains the desired nicotine level plus flavoring. Propylene Glycol is the third primary agent, used to create the smoke effect upon heating. As this e-cigarette liquid is heated, the nicotine is introduced into the smoker’s body in a similar way to a normal tobacco cigarette. This company is a trusted electronic cigarette company that produces a wide range of flavors to suit the customers’ needs.


The e-juice, smoke juice or e-liquid is contained inside the e-cigarette cartilage, which has an appearance similar to that of a normal cigarette filter. Traditionally, e-cigs utilize a separate atomizer and cartilage that forces the user to maintain the separate atomizer and replace it regularly. However, nowadays there are disposable atomizers built right into cartilage of the e-cig, known as cartomizers. Old and unwanted atomizers are discarded together with spent cartomizers. This ensures the smoker’s e-cigarette experience will not be compromised by grimy or old atomizers.