Going On Holiday? Make Sure You Consider New E-Cig Rules In Place!

If you have travelled anywhere in the last couple of years then the chances are that you’re already aware of the strict rules that cover flights and what you’re allow to take with you. However there have been new rules introduced to UK airports surrounding electrical goods, which could affect you if you smoke an e cigarette and plan to take it on holiday with you.

Don’t Carry It In Your Hand Luggage

There are not really any rules surrounding this, but guidelines are that you should really travel with your e-cig in your suitcase rather than your hand luggage. It is worth checking with the airline that you plan to fly with but generally speaking you’re far better off putting it in your luggage, to prevent any problems when you check-in.

They Might Prevent You From Flying

There are new guidelines issues surrounding electronics being taken on flights. These state “If your device doesn’t switch on, you won’t be allowed to bring it onto the aircraft” and that people risk being turned away from a flight if electronics don’t meet the rules, even if they agree to leave the item behind. Even if you do plan to put your e-cig in your main suitcase, make sure it’s all fully charged and that you’re willing to show it working!

Can You Buy On the Other Side?

Depending on where you are travelling to, it is worth considering whether you should just put a new e-cig when you are there. Electronic cigarettes are popular in places such as the USA, so buying while you are there is the ideal way to prevent problems when you fly.