Guide To Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

In case you’re shifting from cigarettes to e-cigs, picking the right nicotine strength is critical to enjoying vaping. Smokers have it simple. They have terms like ‘smooth’, ‘silver’ and ‘reds’ in addition to the packs that provide clear information about how strong a cigarette will be. Let’s take a quick look at the ways to find the proper e-cig nicotine strength just for you.

Cigarettes versus e-cigs

Many e-cig guides will instruct you to match up the nicotine strength of the brand of your cigarette with that of your new e-cig. Sadly, it doesn’t exactly work like that. Despite the fact that vapor and smoke have a comparable feeling when you vape/smoke, the way it is taken into the body is totally different. So, like-for-like swap is not the easy option you should run to for you to discover the right nicotine strength.

The quantity of cigarettes you smoke is neither an answer. Sorry, fellows. You’d probably think that if you are a light smoker that a lower nicotine strength is the best for you. Say six milligrams. And that a heavy smokers ought to try e-cigs with higher nicotine strength, 18 milligrams-style strengths. The truth of the matter is if you smoke less number of cigarettes a day, but of the reds-style brand, then you’ll most probably need a higher strength e-cig. What’s more, if you have an aim that is too low, you may not appreciate e-cigs as much as you could be.

I Gotta Begin At Some Place!

Okay, at what point do you start? You remember those packs we discussed at the start? Turns out they can be valuable for vapers as well. You can try a lower nicotine strength (around six milligrams) if you smoke ‘smooths’if you are reds person, then, around 18 milligrams strength can be enough for you. If you smoke a cigarette brand that is in between, then aim for the middle. Once more, this is not a strict rule; you can try out different strengths until you find the right one for you. If it does not feel right, you can move up or down a level.

E-cig Strengths

Cig-a-like e-cigarettes versus e-cig tanks

When you get into vaping, you will choose from either e-cig tanks or cig-a-like e-cigarettes. With cig-a-likes, you are going to use prefilled flavor cartridges that come in many different nicotine strengths. If you decide to go for an e-cig tank, you’ll vape on liquids that you refill yourself. They likewise come in different nicotine strengths. However, you’ll notice tanks and e-liquids give a stronger ‘throat hit’ and feel more like a cigarette. So, the truth is, a 12milligrams cig-a-like won’t feel the same as a 12 milligrams e-liquid vaped from an ecig tank.

Go Easy

You need a nicotine level that is going to work perfectly. In any case, you ought still to relax. If you smoke smooths and jump straight to high strength nicotine e-cig, you may discover the throat hit is excessively. So also, in case you vape all day long, you may discover a lower strength vaper gives you just the satisfaction that you want.

In case you’re switching between nicotine strengths, its best to be moderate and make only a step up or down. Switching from six milligrams straight to 18 milligrams (or the other way around) could feel somewhat uncomfortable. An excess of throat hit? Not getting the nicotine hit you want? Carefully listen to your body.

Be Adventurous!

To discover the right nicotine strength, you’ll need to know the vaping style that works best for you. That implies exploring different avenues regarding e-cig strengths, flavors, brands, your frequency of vaping and how you puff.

Furthermore, don’t stop discovering. If you switch and realise 18mg offers the nearest sensation to smoking, you may discover you develop into a lower nicotine level the more you vape. Or that other nicotine free is the best choice for you. In any case, lower nicotine levels can, in the same way, be flavorsome.