Herbert A Gilbert – The Inventor of The Electronic Cigarette

62-gilbert-cigThese days most of us are used to seeing electronic cigarettes for sale and people using them whilst we are out and about. Gone are days where we can ask people to put out a cigarette when they are smoking indoors, because it could just be that they are using an electronic cigarette rather than a traditional tobacco cigarette. Most places will allow you vape an e cig indoors, so asking someone to put it out could be over stepping the mark. However just because we are used to seeing these electronic cigarettes around, they haven’t always been. In fact they have only been around since 1962 when Herbert Gilbert patented “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” and this started the journey to electronic cigarettes.

The Start of Electronic Cigarettes

Back in 1963 when Herbert A Gilbert invited his first smokeless cigarette it was a set up that involved no nicotine. His original design involved replacing tobacco with heated, flavoured air. This gave people the sensation of smoking but of course they did not help with nicotine cravings. However many people still enjoyed smoking these even if they did not take off in a massive way. Gilbert did attempt to push his new product out to the general public but it didn’t really work and fell into obscurity.

Of course the electronic cigarettes that we’re all used to seeing today are a little different to Gilberts original design, mainly because they contain nicotine. You might be interested to know that this version of a nicotine based electronic cigarette was only patented as little ago as 2003. There have been a few different designs out there, but it is Hon Liks design which he made and sold on the Chinese market which really helped electronic cigarettes to take off internationally.

What Herbert A Gilbert Has To Say

Herbert was recently tracked down and contacted by a blogger interested in the invention of electronic cigarettes. He happily spoke about his original design and the inspiration about it. For starters back in 1963 he smoked quite heavily and he wanted something different from horrible tasting traditional tobacco cigarettes.

He also spoke of the fact that he left college with a BA in Business and started work as soon as he left education. His father had a scrap yard and he always worked here as a young adult. He says that this helped him with being very logical when it comes to designing, manufacturing and building things – which helps with the making of his tobacco-less cigarette invention.

Electronic Cigarettes Today

Although there is no doubt that Herbert Gilbert is behind the original idea of electronic cigarettes, they do work very differently today. These days e cigs are really marketed as a stop smoking method, because they allow users to get a hit of nicotine without the risk. Of course we have taken the idea of flavours from Gilberts original design though and you can now get electronic cigarettes in all sorts of flavours!

If you quite like the idea of Herbert’s original design and would like to try vaping without any nicotine then a shisha pen could be the choice for you!