How Much Can Vaping Save You?

If you are someone that is considering going from traditional to e-cigarettes you could be interested to know just how much money it can save you. Rather than just say – Yes you could save lots, we have carried out some tests to show you just how much you could actually save.

Puff Testing

We wanted to test things properly so we set up a puff machine to look at both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes so that we could fairly measure the difference. The machine itself tests puffs two seconds at a time at 30 second intervals. Although we recognise that people will smoke at different rates and an average smoker will sometimes take longer puffs than others but we found this to be a stable average to get a good fair reading.

Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

From a general e cigarette cartridge refill you’ll get around 300 pugs (the same as you’ll get from one charge of the battery on average). So if you have a starter or a premium kit this will usually last about 300 puffs before you have to look at changing cartridges and batteries.

From one tobacco cigarette you’ll get on average of 10 puffs. This means that a general electronic cartridge refill is the equipment of 30 cigarettes which will cost you £112 compared to the £1.99 for your cartridge – so you’ll save about £10 per 300 pugs!

When you consider that on average someone who smokes traditional cigarettes gets through about 13 a day it is easy to see that the savings could add up quite quickly. 13 cigarettes a day might not sound like much but it adds up to around £1,850 a year – the electronic cigarette equivalent for the same amount of puffs is £332.16 – saving you over £1500 a year!


For those that want the statistics, this makes electronic cigarettes around 82% cheaper than their tobacco equivalent, which is a massive leap! Of course if you have cheaper electronic cigarettes or sign in for deals then you could end up saving even more – and you get the health benefits too, bonus!

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