How To Beat The New EU Initiative: Not To Ban E Cigarettes

First of all I have kept a close eye on social media, we have noticed the amazing amounts of people that have been against the e cig ban, and we would like to say a massive thank you and that we are behind you a 100%, and will support you throughout the cause.

It’s happened before, and back then when the EU try to ban e cigarettes thousands of people contacted MEPs to protest about the decision. Thankfully MEPs listened to people and rejected the law which would have banned e cigarettes. Of course tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies were unhappy with this, because it will more than likely result in losses for both industries.

After this time, the EU went away and have come up with some new ideas to get rid of and cut down the use of e cigarettes

- Banning refillable tank systems
- Only allowing single use cartridges to be used
- Most flavourings banned
- Cutting down nicotine content to 10mg per unit
- Only being able to sell e cigarettes that deliver a regulated dose of nicotine (this technology does not yet exist)
- Not being allowed to sell online
- Stricter regulations on selling these.

If these were to come into affect then the world of e cigarettes would struggle to survive. It seems that because the EU were defeated on their first vote they are now pushing for much harsher regulations.

E Cigarette researcher Dr Farsalinos wrote:

“I am afraid that the European Union is once again trying to destroy the e-cigarette as an alternative-to-smoking product by trying to implement regulations that constitute a ban for the majority of products. Not only do they ignore science but they also make decisions that are against the will and vote of the MEPs just 40 days ago.”

Source: The European Union ignores science and common sense by making proposals that will damage the health of smokers and vapers.

What You Can Do About It

Just because they voted against it last time, that doesn’t mean you can assume it will happen against. Instead what you need to do is write to your local representative and  urge for a delete Amendment 18 proposal.

You can download template letters but it is going to be much better and more effective if you can send personalised letters – tell them why you smoke e cigarettes, how they have improved your life, why they’re important to you and why you are against the idea of them being banned.

Have a look online for a list of UK MEPs that you can contact about this and who your representatives are. You should also look to spread the word in other ways that you can – social media, bloggers etc. We need to make sure that anyone who uses e cigarettes (estimated to be around 2 million people) is aware of this and signs up their name to be against the ban.

A real vaping legend. Cloud cig customers please listen to his every word.
Please check out and sign their petition to show your support.