How To Chill Out In 5 Easy Ways!

When we’re stressed out, we sometimes stress ourselves more by trying to think of ways to chill out. On the lighter note, scientists have found out several ways to chill ourselves by using our senses. Here’s a quick guide on how we can relax ourselves anytime of the day.

#1 Chill down with chill out music

Radox, an expert on bath-times, conducted a study that found out that the song “Weightless” by Marconi Union is one of the best chill out song ever. Apparently, the song synchronizes our heart rates and brainwaves to the songs 60 BPM rhythm. This is called “entrainment”- a trance-like state where we become calm.

But, as it turns out, the music is not the only one responsible for relaxing us. Apparently, the human voice that can be heard also soothes our senses. Hearing someone speak over the phone has a relaxing effect on humans and is known to lower our stress levels. That is because oxycotin or “cuddle hormone” is released. By now, you should give your fingers a rest from texting and just talk to someone on the phone.

#2 Eat Chocolate!

Chocolates, dark chocolate to be exact, provide wonderful health benefits! It contains antioxidants which help us reduce stress and stabilize our metabolism. Both of these helps us relax. Together with those, chocolate also releases endorphins, the chemical which makes us happy. And, according to The De-Stress Diet, chomping down some 40g of chocolate a day can keep us happy all day.

To maximize the good stuff in your chocolate- keep them in the fridge! While they are crunchy, it’s also a good mood booster to chew on them. This reduces cortisol levels in our saliva which gives us a better mood. Wash them down with some green tea, which is a source of l-theanine which relieves anger, and you’re good to go!

#3 Check out some awesome stuff!

According to a study conducted the Boffins at the Stanford University, they found out that by looking at awesome things- a beautiful sunset, the Northern Lights, or even a very tall building- helps us become chilled out and be happier.

It is because by looking at awesome things, we become less concerned with material things, therefore making us more patient. Even watching videos on YouTube can have a similar effect. Just make sure you catch the viral things that’s worth the watch!

#4 Hug someone!

Besides making us feel intimate with someone, hugging also lowers our blood pressure and keeps us calm. However, if a partner isn’t available, hugging your pet also gives the same effect! Students in the Edinburgh’s University had brought over collies and golden retrievers to chill out stress-laden students in preparing for their exam.

#5 Smell something!

Science had taught us that the smell of things associated with our memory brings back more of the experience more than sight, taste, or feel of it. The smell stimulates the receptors in our brain which connects our emotions together. Together with that, it helps us calm down and also triggers norepinephrine, another de-stressing hormone.

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