How to Choose The Right Electronic Cigarette For You

When you look at buying an electronic cigarette you’ll notice that there are loads of you to choose from. Whilst this is great news, it can also make it confusing – how do you choose which is the best one for you? With so many on offers, you’ll want to do your research and make sure that whatever you choose is the right choice.

Giving up smoking is not easy, so it stands to reason that you’ll want to make sure that you back up yourself with the right product – just to make it as easy as possible.

So what factors should you be looking at before you decide on which electronic cigarette to buy?


You’ll find that different vapours feel differently, much like different cigarettes feel differently. We’re probably used to changing cigarette brands in order to find the right cigarette for our ‘hit’, so why should electronic cigarettes be any different?

Vapour is important but you need to take this into account with the amount of nicotine you get in the e-liquid, as this is what will have those most bearing on how it feels to smoke one of these. Nicotine is what makes traditional cigarettes addictive, so if you want to give these up then finding an electronic cigarette to give you the right nicotine hit is essential.

Of course you can get electronic cigarettes that contain no nicotine, if you want to experience smoking without the addictive chemicals.

As a said note, something really interesting is the amount of flavours that electronic cigarettes come in – far more than traditional cigarettes. In fact if you shop around there is almost no end to e cig flavours, so whatever you feel like having – there will be something to suit you.

The Actual E Cigarette

Cosmetically there are different types of e cigarette you can get. You might think that people will tend to go for e cigarettes that look the same as traditional cigarettes and whilst this is true, fun looking ones like space guns has also proved popular. Whatever you go for, you’ll want one that looks and feels right for you – so the fact that there are different ones for you to choose from is great news.

What you can do is go to a shop that sells these cigarettes and pick them up, see how they feel etc. Remember that even ones that look exactly the same as traditional cigarettes won’t feel exactly the same, so throw that idea out of the window.

One thing some smokers don’t like is having a flashy e-cigarette in their hand and in fact, feel a bit silly doing so. However this method of smoking is becoming much more popular, so there is no need for you to feel silly at all.

It is important to remember that you want an e cigarette that does the job well – there are loads of brands out there, so find one that seems to know what they are talking about and that you can trust. Cheap might be tempting, but if it is disgusting then you’ll be back where you started – do you research and buy one for the right reasons and not just cost.

The Cost

Of course, just because you don’t want the cheapest one that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the cost of these into consideration. You’ll find e cigarettes at both ends of the cost scale, so it is a matter of finding where you are on the budget line and finding one to suit you.

Remember as well you can also look at electronic cigarettes for the long term of you can get them as disposable. With the long term option you can recharge batteries and swap over e liquid cartridges where as with disposable you throw it away when you are done.

Some many choose to have both – the long term one for every day use (this will work out much cheaper) but a disposable one for nights out where they think that they could lose it.

So factors to take into account when buying an electronic cigarette include

- The flavour you want
- How much nicotine is has/how much you need\
- What it looks like and how it feels
- What brand you want to buy
- How much does it cost?
- Long term or disposable?