How To Make The Switch From Cigarettes To Ecigs

E-cigs have rapidly become famous since their entrance into the market a few years back. Well, if you are reading this article, then chances are that you are considering quitting smoking and making a transition to electronic cigarettes is the best way to start.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that shows e-cigs are ideal in helping smokers quit using tobacco cigarettes and in this regard, we shall give you some tips and helpful information that you will not find anywhere regarding the switch from convectional cigarettes to electronic ones.

1. Purchase Quality

With the increasing demand for e-cigs, more and more companies are selling their products on the cheap end. This means that they have to sacrifice a bit of quality to be able to compete for the low prices, and this leads to a less satisfactory experience on the end user. However, there are companies who have taken note of this and gone ahead to produce high quality vapes that you will surely enjoy in every puff. Go for the best quality there is.

2. The Liquids

All vapes are common in that they all use a liquid that consist of glycerin, propylene glycol or a mix of the two in order to stabilize the flavors and to give a smoke effect during vaporization. It is, therefore, a good idea to try various liquids and research on the various effects of each of them so that you can ensure the best value for your buck. Ideally, plan ahead and have plenty of e-liquid at hand so that you do not run out. Turning back to the convectional cigarettes is the last thing you want.

3. Stay Charged

It is essential that you keep the battery responsible for powering the nicotine fluid to vapour charged at all times. Just like in every other electronic device, the battery charge of your e cig will eventually drain and this is particularly evident in batteries with high capacity. So, ensure you charge the vape to keep it functioning at optimum.

4. Manage your expectations

The aesthetics of vaping in comparison to the convectional smoking is similar. However, the inhaling process is way different. You do not vape by inhaling directly to the lungs, as you would with a normal cigarette. You should draw vapor into your mouth and then inhale it to the lungs. You then have to take a long draw of almost 6 seconds, not the 2 seconds you were used to. In this regard, you should expect vaping to be a little bit different.

With these tips in mind, making the switch to Cloud e cigs should be a lot more pleasing and enjoyable.