How To Stop Your Kids From Vaping

E-cigarettes and Vaporizers are becoming very popular among these teenagers these days. It’s the new mainstream trend which is taking over the usual smoking routines amongst individuals. According to Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA), there are almost 2 million people in the UK alone who use different types of e-cigs and vaporizers on a daily basis. This famous trend has turned into a £1.5 billion industry over the last few years. Even the Hollywood A-listers are getting £200 product samples in their gift bags at Oscars.


Like any other famous product we come through, E-cigs are also surrounded by a lot of controversies. A couple of school in Canada sent letters to the parents warning that if their children brought Vaporizers or E-cigs to the school again then they will be suspended. Like cigarettes are not allowed in the school premises so are the E-Cigs and Vaporizers, the schools claimed. One of the school’s website also said that the vaporizers that are available for the students are usually fruit flavors, even when these vaporizers are only recommended for adults, they are widely sold to underage students and teenagers as well. The notice also suggested that parents have a discussion with their children about the new school policy and possible health hazards of using such products.
Teenagers are learning to smoke the rechargeable electronic cigarettes like the adults at an alarming rate. The more alarming situation in this scenario is that a lot of teenagers who are using such products are from grade 8 and below. The sole reason for this problem is that a lot of websites that sell e-cigs are not age-restricted which make these products readily available to underage kids. A research carried out at the University of Carolina showed that out of 98 underage kids who attempted to by an e-cig 75 were successful to buy one. With more than 475 e-cigarette brands and 7800 flavors, it is very easy for children to find such products without getting noticed by the parents. So what can parents do in such scenarios?

1- Talking to kids about using E-Cigs

A lot of children are attracted by vaporizers and e-cigs because of their flavors like chocolate and candy which is the reason why they can easily confuse such products for with something childish. The best thing to do in this scenario is to tell your kids about the health hazards of smoking. If you are a parent who likes vaping then you should tell your kids that these products are age-restricted.

2- Keeping such product’s out of your children’s reach

A lot of students who brought vaporizers to school in the above-mentioned scenario got them from their parents or took then without their knowledge. It is very important to keep these vaping products away from children. Otherwise, they might end up using the product or taking it to school with them. They can also ingest the e-liquid accidentally, which can be very dangerous so it’s very important that you keep the liquid out of their reach or hidden at some place.

3- Don’t vape in front of impressionable kids

Kids look up to adults for a role model and if they see you vaping in front of them or talking to one of your friends about the product, they might get an impression that this must be a cool thing to do. It can lead them into buying a product for themselves.