How To Take Care Of Your Electronic Cigarette

If you are going to invest in an electronic cigarette then it makes sense that you are going to want to look after it as much as possible. Although these are cheaper than cigarettes the last thing you want is to have to replace this more than you need to! Thankfully there are some handy tips which can help to make looking after your electronic cigarette as easy as possible.

Cleaning The Battery

You might not realise it but looking after your battery is pretty essential. It is likely you have some cotton buds in your bathroom cabinet and these are fantastic for cleaning out your battery. You will sometimes find that dust or e-liquid can gather at the bottom of your cartridge where the battery connects. By taking a dry cotton bud you can wipe all of this out quite easily and stop the build up of dirt becoming a problem.

Keeping An Eye On Your Clearomiser

As much as we might have the best intentions, we all tend to just carry around our e cigarette in our pocket or bag. This means that the mouth piece can easily become dirty and grimy. Cleaning this out can be quite easy, but you’ll need to wait until the tank is empty before you do. Once you have done this you can unscrew the different parts and then lay them out onto folded paper towel. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and then you can put this all under some warm water (not too hot), use a cotton bud to get into small places such as the vapour chamber and the mouthpiece itself. Once you have done this leave it out on some clean, dry paper towel and give it a few hours to become completely dry before you put it all back together.

If you feel that your kit needs a proper clear then you can place it to soak in some soapy water for an hour or so. Just make sure you rinse it through properly before you leave it out to try.

Storing it Properly

If you buy some sort of electronic cigarette starter kit then this will usually come with some sort of case to hold your batteries and cartridges. It is easy to assume that this is just some sort of gimmick you should make use of these cases as much as possible. Not only does it mean that your kit is all kept together and therefore you won’t lose anything but it stops items from getting dirty and grimy while in the bottom of your bag or just stashed away somewhere.

Think About How You Use It

You might not realise it but the way that you use your electronic cigarette can have a massive effect on its lifespan. Your electronic cigarette needs liquid to function properly, so if you take in draws that are too long then you could dry out the inside of your atomiser and this could really shorten the life of your electronic cigarette. Try to take shorter puffs instead.

Before you use it you should shake up your electronic cigarette to get the e-liquid distributed evenly. Also make sure that when you are putting your e cigarette away for storage that you make sure you store it the right way up!