How To Use E Cigs Safely!

ecigsElectronic cigarettes are a great way to control your smoking. The e-cigs are geared to provide a measured amount of nicotine per puff and they can help to wean smokers off the habit. If you are a smoker and if you want to wean yourself off the habit, we recommend you start with cigs as soon as possible.

Buying e cigs

There are many places to buy e-cigs and most people make the mistake of buying a cheap kit. As the kit is cheap and poor quality, its make the e-vape experience very bad and smokers tend to stray back to their cigarettes. Instead of doing this, we recommend you use a high quality but affordable kit from a reliable dealer. For example, on our website, we have a separate area that handles only with starter kits for new electronic cigarettes users. You can look through this section to find affordable yet quality items for personal use.

Types of kits

Buying an e cigarette is not difficult but you do need expert help. For example, we have a 24-7 customer service section that deals only with customers who want guidance on how to purchase the right kit for their requirements. Our CS team checks each kit individually and assess it use for customers according to smoking level. We provide expert help on the kit types available as well. For example, we have automatic cig kits and manual e-cig kits that will help you smoke easily. We can recommend the right type of kit for you according to budget, age, and flexibility.


eletronic cigarettes come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes. They are also priced accordingly. Newbie or starter kits are cheap while gourmet level imported kits are expensive. We have an in-site search engine that you can use to find an appropriately priced kit. Take the time to go through the moderate priced kits as well to learn more.


As you can seen companies all over the world make several different types of units. However, Chinese companies were the first in the e-cig market. As a result, they produce the cheapest kits for sale. However, quality-wise, European e cigs are the best in electronic cigarette quality and consistency. As regarding vape liquids, Chinese markets also make several flavors and types of liquids for sale. Most people don’t really the flavor and its a far better idea to use American companies and brands.

Guarantee and Warranty

All companies provide their own warranty on their products. However, we also provide a limited guarantee on the products we sell. That means when you buy your e cigarettes from us, your products are protected twice.

Repair and spare parts

You can easily send your units back t us for repair and replacements. We have a large in-house team that will find the spare parts you want or they will route your kit to the manufacturer to ensure that your kit is repaired quickly and efficiently.

Now that you know what to look for, we recommend you get your kits from us. We know that most people just don’t have the time to check all these points before they buy a product and we make sure that you don’t have to do it too. All our products are safe, reliable and trustworthy.