How Will New TPD E-cig Laws Affect You?

Vapers are anxiously moving ahead to May 20th, 2016, as this is the day on which the TPD or Tobacco Products Directive becomes effective within Europe.

This set of laws relates to the manner in which e-liquids and e-cigarettes are manufactured, and imported, to the European Union. Many users of these products fear that the law will have a detrimental effect on the use of e-cigs. Do they have reason to feel this way?

The Logic Behind the Laws

The main reason for the implementation of the law is safety and quality of the available products. Every country within the European Union has to comply with the regulations related to the supply and manufacture of e-liquids and e-cigarettes. Some of the decisions related to the law, such as advertising, age restrictions and flavors, will be left in the hands of the individual countries. All countries within the EU are bound to the implementation date of May 20, 2016.

The Effects of the New Law on Individuals

The new laws are set to:
• Improve quality and safety with the implementation of improved controls on equipment and liquids
• Offer detailed product information on both outer packaging and labels
• Protect users against inferior, dangerous products

Let’s consider the criteria and determine how you will be affected.

Safety and Quality

A maximum level of nicotine concentration is due to be set for e-liquids. The refill sizes of cartridges, tanks and refills are to be limited. The limits set for each of these are:

• E-liquid refills are limited to 10ml
• The level of nicotine contained in e-liquids is limited to 20mg per ml. This is a dose similar to a standard cigarette
• Disposable e-cigarettes, tanks or single-use cartridges are limited to 2ml
• The ingredients used in the manufacture of e-liquids should have high purity standards
• There should be no potential health risks to users as regards ingredients and flavors

The TPD stipulates that e-cigs should deliver consistent levels of nicotine during normal usage. This implies that the nicotine level should be consistent with each puff taken for a similar amount of time, at the same strength. This will prevent high or inconsistent dosages of nicotine.

Packaging used should be childproof and clearly indicate that it has not been opened previously. The onus is on the manufacturer to prevent breakage and leakage of e-cigs during the refill process.

Product Information

New e-cigarette packaging must indicate:

• ‘Keep out of reach of children’ messages
• Instructions on the usage and storage of the devices
• Statutory health warnings
• Listings of all ingredients, product batch number, level of nicotine content and the delivery of nicotine per dose
• Potential side-effects
• Warnings regarding toxicity, addiction and health risk groups


To ensure protection against inferior quality of the products, importers and manufacturers have to offer information related to e-liquids and e-cigarettes prior to marketing the product. The details required include:

• Details related to the manufacturer, emissions and the ingredients in the product
• Information regarding levels of nicotine uptake and delivery
• Information regarding the production process

Full responsibility must be taken by the manufacturers regarding the safety and quality of the product during normal usage. This declaration should be clear and made public