Is Vaping Allowed at Euro 2016?

A lot of football fans are really excited about the European Championships that are being held in France this summer from 10th June to 10th July. If you are one of those thousands of fans who are gathering in France to make the best out of the games and the energetic environment, you must be asking yourself the question that whether vaping is allowed at the Euro 2016 or not?


UEFA has some clear-cut rules about the situation, you are not allowed to smoke or vape in any of the arenas. In the meantime, it is also very essential to know that smoking or vaping are considered illegal in enclosed public spaces in all over France. According to UEFA’s rules and regulations regarding the event, it is clearly stated in their Stadium Rules for UEFA EURO 2016’s Section 4.4,

“Smoking – including the use of e-cigarette products – shall be strictly prohibited in the Stadium.” The rules define the stadium arena as, “The stadium (hereinafter ‘Stadium’), as referred to in these Stadium Rules, shall include all areas within the stadium premises and its immediate vicinity where a UEFA EURO 2016™ match will be played, is played or has been played that are only accessible with a UEFA EURO 2016™ match ticket (hereinafter ‘Ticket’) and/or a UEFA Euro 2016™ accreditation (hereinafter ‘Accreditation’), including all entrances and exits.”

These statements clearly indicate UEFA’s policy that you are not allowed to smoke or vape anywhere around the stadium during the tournaments. What are the consequences of breaking these rules? If you are caught smoking or vaping inside or anywhere around the stadium, you will have to face the following consequences:

  1. Expulsion from the Stadium and possible handing over to the police;
  2. The banning of the offender from all Stadiums for part or all of the duration of UEFA EURO 2016™, in accordance with the Accreditation Terms and Conditions or the Ticketing Sales Terms and Conditions, as applicable;
  3. The cancellation and invalidation of the Ticket and any other Tickets that have been purchased by the offending person for the same or other UEFA EURO 2016™ matches, in accordance with the Ticketing Sales Terms and Conditions;
  4. The provision, in accordance with applicable laws, of the offender’s personal information to relevant national football associations and/or the police so that appropriate measures can be taken (e.g. national stadium bans);
  5. The initiation of legal proceedings by UEFA, the FFF and/or EURO 2016 SAS, or any other authorised persons or entities;
  6. Penalties or remedies in compliance with French law.

You must keep the last point in your mind because if you will act otherwise, you will not only be ignoring the tournament regulations but will also be breaking the French governmental law as smoking or vaping is not allowed in enclosed arenas, pubs, restaurants, bars etc. You should keep that in mind that if it is an enclosed public area then you are not allowed to vape or smoke unless there is a clear signboard or something which indicates that you can. Even in that scenario, it is a good practice to ask a person from the staff in that specific area, that are you allowed to vape or not.

Although, even when you are not allowed to vape at any EURO 2016™ stadiums, you can enjoy vaping in other open air spaces with hundreds of other fans who will be gathered there. As long as you respect the rules and regulations of the country, you will have an awesome time and will make a lot of great memories.