Knowing When To Top Up On E-Cig Flavors

Much like air fresheners or deodorant, it’s sometimes hard to know when to top up our favorite e-cig flavor.

When you use up your e-cig or inhale on an e-cig, the e-cig tank activates the battery which heats up your e-liquid. After it gets heated up, it turns into vapor that we enjoy. Now the question is: when do you know when you refill your e-liquid?

Disposable e-Cig Flavors

Disposable, as explainable by the name, cannot be topped up. After you’ve used up your e-liquid, you can’t refill it anymore. It’s fairly easy to notice when the fill of the e-cig is running out. The vapor becomes less, the throat hit is significantly less, and there is less flavor. On average, a disposable e-Cig can last for about 300 puffs. After which, they should be disposed of properly.

Privilege Kits and Starter Kits e-Cig Flavors

First off, starter and premium kits both have the same e-cigs. So, the same batteries and cartridge refill. Typically, the batteries last about 300 puffs before they need to be recharged. After that, you need to recharge your battery or replace it with a full charged one. You’ll know when it needs to be recharged or replaced when your e-cig flashes whenever you try to take a hit.

Flavor refills, however, are more noticeable when needing refill. You’ll know when your cartridge is running low when the there is less vapor production, less flavor, and less throat hit. It’s also noticeable when you experience a burnt taste in your device.

Easily enough, just twist off your cartridge and replace your cartridge. One awesome advice is to take out your USB stick charger out of the case. Then, keep a spare cartridge refill in it which allows you to carry an instant replacement for whenever you’re short on flavor!

Privilege Kits e-Cig Flavors

With the Privilege kit, it’s much easier to know when you’re running low on flavor. There is a clearomiser that has a clear window which shows how much e-liquid you still have. It usually lasts about 10 full fills before you need to replace it. With a clearomiser, you’ll also notice less flavor, vapor, and throat hit whenever it’s about to run out. In order to get the most vapor and hit from your Privilege kit, try to keep it to a quarter full all the time to get the best vape experience.