Make 2015 The Year You Give Up Smoking For Good

With New Years fast approaching it is time to start thinking about how you would like next year to be different. With a brand new year on the horizon now is the time to make changes and improve your life. As a smoker, the chances are you have probably tried to give up smoking at New Years before. The problem is that smoking is a high addictive hobby which means it is harder to give up than you think.

Giving Up In 2015

Just because we know that giving up smoking is hard work, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If you want to make 2015 the year you give up smoking then you need to make sure that you arm yourself with the right tools to make that happen. We are in a lucky position that there are different tools that we can arm ourselves with. These can make the process of giving up smoking much easier, so you need to make sure you make use of them.

Giving Up Smoking Tools

Without a doubt one of the best things you can use when it comes to giving up smoking is e-cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes are designed to give you a nicotine hit without the dangerous chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain. One of the hardest things when it comes to giving up smoking is the habit you are in of lighting up. Many people find that the process of vaping (inhaling an e-cigarette) helps with the cravings as well as the habit of smoking at certain times.

Another option is to look up nicotine patches, which also help to curb nicotine cravings. However these don’t help you with the habit of smoking so they aren’t always the best option. It is also worth speaking to your doctor to see if they can recommend any quit smoking tools for you. On top of that they might be able to refer you to a stop smoking support group which can help you too.

Other Methods To Help

As well as products which can give you to give up smoking, you need to look at other ways to help you give up smoking. Motivation is a big factor and you need to make sure that this is as high as possible.

Many people find that keeping an eye on how much they are saving can help. Get a jar that you can fit coins in. Whenever you would usually buy cigarettes, put the money you would have spent inside. Every week have a count up and see how much you have saved. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save. At £7 a packet if you’re buying a packet a day then you’ll be saving £49 a week and £196 a month. If you keep this up then over a year you could save £2500 or more. This alone is a reason to give up smoking, think of what you could be spending your money on rather than nicotine sticks!

The truth is that there is really nothing positive that can be send about smoking. It costs a fortune and it is bad for your health. The good news is that you can quit the habit as long as you arm yourself with the right tools. For starters you need plenty of willpower, because you need to want to quit the habit if you are going to be successful. On top of that you need items like electronic cigarettes and support groups which will help to make your aim to be smoke free for 2015 much easier.