What Makes CloudCig So Great?

Here at CloudCig.co.uk we’re really proud of our products and the range of items that we sell. However we also know that we’re not alone in this industry and that there are many other people out there, claiming to be the best.

What makes us stand out is the fact that we concentrate on quality rather than quantity. We might not have largest range of flavours out there, but what we do have is GOOD!

We Taste Good

We don’t just think of a taste or flavour idea and put it out there. Instead we invest in money to make sure that what we’re putting out there is good. We run polls on social media, speak to existing customers and research the market to make sure that flavours we do offer are needed and relevant.

We then create a base flavour to start with and put different versions of these to a tasting panel. This allows them to vape their way through different versions and let us know what they prefer. They look at items such as how it smells, what it tastes like and how good the quality of the vape is. This allows us to look at their tasting notes (the menthol is too strong for example) and then we can tweak this to make it perfect.

Our Secret

Once we have done this we then work our magic in order to make them happen. We’ll look at how we can enhance the tobacco flavours and then add the secret ingredients that make our flavours so unique.

We then add our secret sauce, which is what we believe helps us to stand out of the competition. We don’t just have standard flavours, instead we work hard on all of our flavours to ensure that they offer high quality options for anyone that invests in them.

Making Our Flavours

For starters we unsure that we use only the highest quality ingredients in the e-liquids that we make. Then we ensure that we use only top quality nicotine and the best quality grade propylene glycol.

On top of we use natural ingredients. We’re involved in the whole manufacturing process which means that we know what goes into them and exactly what we’re selling.

Plenty of Testing

Once we have done all of this we test some more. We test our complete first batch to make sure that it is perfect. Only after we have done this and we’re 100% sure we’re happy with what we have created we’ll put it out there for you to buy!

Interested in new flavours? Get in touch with your ideas, we’d love to hear them.