March Update – What’s Happening In The World Of Electronic Cigarettes

So, the ongoing debate seems to be coming to a head. We have ministers in England and Wales back the ban of sales to under 18s and the European Commission set to vote on whether e-cigs should be included in the Tobacco Products Directive before the end of the month.

With so much discussion, debates and even arguments happening it can be hard to keep track of what is happening and how it could affect you. That is why we have put together a roundup of important facts for you to remember. Why not bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when you need to?

Of course this list isn’t the be all and end all, there is so much together that one article simply couldn’t cover it all, however much we try! The good news is that there are lots of supporters for this industry so hopefully we’ll see it all move forward quite quickly.

So, what are people saying?

Scientists – Nothing To Backup Claims of Public Health Risk

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos – ‘No Adverse Effects’ on Heart Function

Dr Fasalinos and his team at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre looked at the flow and circulation of both smokers and non smokers after they have used an electronic cigarette. The research into CFVR and CVRI both shows that there were no noticeable effects

Dr Jacques Le Houezec

Dr Houezec is certainly someone that is well versed in this topic. He is a member of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, he founded The Society of Research on Nicotine and Tobacco and he’s a neurologist. He has given a number of talks on electronic cigarette use and is looked at as an expert on this topic. He has carried out a large amount of research on the effects on nicotine and has show that in his opinion tobacco is more addictive than e-cigs and that there is no need for there to be a concern about public vaping or second hand vaping

Politicians – We Should Be Supporting Cigarette Alternatives

UKIP Party Leader & MEP Nigel Farage

You might have already seen that MEP and UKIP Party leader Nigel Farage spoke out against the plans to restrict electronic cigarette usage. He feels (as do many) that these restrictions will result in the electronic cigarettes being more or less banned and he released a YouTube video against this. He said “There are 1.8 million people in Britain using these things, it’s cutting down tobacco consumption massively [and] I want to see the British government stand up and say ‘under no circumstances will we accept this’.”

Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies

If you have followed any of the electronic cigarette journey then you’ll know that Chris Davies has been a long time campaigner for the use of them. Even before he knew a lot about the use of electronic cigarettes he has remained open-minded. He then started to listen to his constituents and of course professionals before writing in support for the electronic cigarette industry. Since then he has used social media (blogs and Twitter) to be quite vocal on the subject and then he stood in front of the European Commission to convince members not to regulate electronic cigarettes.. Amongst things he has said, he talks quite openly about the way electronic cigarettes have changed people’s lives, ” “I’ve had hundreds of letters from former smokers saying ‘These things have made a huge difference to my life’. It would be quite wrong to take measures which would in some way restrict the availability of these devices.”

Former Scottish Minister for Health Andy Kerr

Another story that has hit the headlines recently is that lots of Scottish health boards were planning to ban these devices. However Andy Kerr stood up against this as something that should not be happening -  “We should be extending a hand of support, not hindering them.” he said.

The Health Commentators – Potential Health Game-Changer

Journalist Dr Max Pemberton

Dr Pemberton writes for lots of national press, so if his name seems familiar that might well be why. He often writes about health and has written about a number of high profile health issues in the past. Recently he has talked about electronic cigarettes, although unlike a lot of the national press he is in support of the industry and the massive impact it could have on the nation’s health. He said “In this country there are already plans to regulate them as medicines by 2016, causing concern that the fledgling industry will be regulated out of existence. It is perverse that these products should be placed under such tight control, when the tobacco companies are allowed to continue to manufacture products known to be responsible for millions of deaths a year worldwide.”

TV Presenter Dr Christian Jessen

Dr Jessen has been seen on a number of TV health shows and news reports and has recently used his high profile to come out in support of electronic cigarettes and the opposition of any ban. Check out his twitter account Christian to see what he has had to say on the subject recently.

Professor John Britton, Royal College of Physicians

Another person to come out in support of electronic cigarettes was Professor John Britton. He was recently interviewed by the BBC and he had plenty to say on the subject. “Nicotine itself is not a particularly hazardous drug. It’s something on a par with the effects you get from caffeine. If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s a massive potential public health prize.”