MEPs Get Behind The E-Cig Industry

We already know that there is an EU proposal in the pipeline that could see e-cigarettes prohibited, including any type of advertising. This was originally going to be pushed through quietly, however the electronic cigarette industry took a stand and wanted to make sure that this damaging proposal was not put through. E cigarettes work well for so many people who want to give up and cut down on traditional cigarettes, so there is no solid reason for these to be prohibited.

MEP Chris Davis has recently reported that over New Year there was negotiations, which resulted in the latest proposals being rejected. MEPs in Brussels debated about e cigarettes and whether there is a need for them to be classified as medicinal (they’re currently classed as consumer products). Thankfully MEPs successfully argued that this change in classification did not need to take place – which is fantastic, positive news for the vapping community.

However, it isn’t all as smooth sailing as that. The rejection of it being classified as medicinal is fantastic, but changes could still take place. New revised proposals ask for a clamp down on the sale of flavoured e liquids and even the different nicotine strengths that you are able to buy. IT seems that refillable tanks are also still under discussion.

Thankfully there have been a number of high profile names joining in the debate on the side of the e-cigarette industry. Embarrassing Bodies Dr Christian Jessen recently tweeted his support for e cigarettes and that he did not want them banned or prohibited, saying their ban could be the ‘death knell for smokers everywhere’.


Of course, the petition is still going strong, fast approaching its goal of 30,00 signatures. In a little over a month 29,466 people (as of 06/01/14) have signed the petition, with thousands more continuing the #EUecigBan campaign on Twitter.

Cloud cig promise to keep you up to date with all the goings on, for now it is a small step in the right direction but we are definitely not out of the woods yet!